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Secret Santa 2017 (Completed)


In Canada, we call that secret Moose…


I’m Chinese American. Guess I’ll call it fortune cookie


hahaha please tell me you can cook decent chinese …cant find a decent blackbean sauce no where and its fucking sexual when i order then every jar is craap
oh ya we call him father jameson


I’m not a very good Chinese. More American as I don’t touch black bean or anything fermented aka rotten lol


I’m alittle late to this I see. Are there still any xmas stragglers out there…


Hey @scepterr and @stormboard1,

Thanks for letting me know, does stormboards want to be a backup santa or want to be entered to a second round of SS?

The community really stepped up and I’ve quite a few backup santas at the ready (hopefully won’t be needing them) but the more the merrier.

Most people are connected in a chain (so your secret santa is not your recipient in all but 2 cases) and I can’t slip someone in since people have already been shipping gifts.

What I can do is see if there is other interest and start a secondary list/round 2. Stormboards, would you like to be added to that?


Ok part 1 of my gift is ship… for a lucky one who should receive it before Christmas…


Shipping a vesc one component at a time? :yum:


I pm’d storm board but no reply yet. I’ve been so busy trying to build boards that this xmas thing got overlooked


And that why quoting people is sometimes not needed :sweat_smile:


Yeah… why not ??? It is a long term project, and also I won’t need to do it again next year. :joy:


Lets do a secret New Year! :blush:

Secret thanksgiving

Secret halloween

Secret 4th of july

Secret easter


Off you go!


Will that disclose the person’s address?


nah, at most zipcode when it arrives


My gift is arriving monday, so everybody stay home incase youre somebody


sorry wasnt on ya im in


My gift should arrive Tuesday this week for someone in England ! Hope he will enjoy it.


anyone wanna partner who didnt see it in time
or will we do a part 2?


I will be shipping mine on Monday once I return from a trip :slight_smile: