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Scepterr is alive!


Wow!! I just heard about your ordeal…So glad you pulled through.


He was posting daily for so long…maybe he’s just ghosting instead of starting one of those goodbye threads…hope he’s doing well after that scary medical issue.


An episode like that will definitely reorder your priorities. I was happy to know he pulled through, and hope to see him posting again someday when he’s up to it, till then much respect and what ever happens… happens as we anxiously/patiently await his return. :love_you_gesture::call_me_hand:


Hey does anyone know how to get in touch with @scepterr? @NAF has his HYPERBEAST board ready but can’t get in touch.

@briman05 @ARetardedPillow


Hope he is better now

Any updates on his recovery?


It’s been a while. Any New Yorkers know if Max is alright? Did he just ghost the community or is he still down from his injury?


Miss having him around here. Hoping for the best.


He’s doing fine AFAIK hes just ghosting


Good to know.


Still sad though. :cry:


Yeah I miss all his knowledge


Miss him a lot also.
Always had knowledge to share


How’s his cat doing?


When it is really quiet at night, I pull up old posts from when @scepterr was here still and @Deckoz was more active.

It always ends with me crying under the covers.



@sender acting like he doesn’t have a guys # to call him when he’s lonely thinking about esk8.



I am going to hit you up later!

Uh oh. This woke up.


Whoa, your baby sleeps upside down? :upside_down_face: Are you a family of vampires? :vampire: Duh, of course you are. How else do you get this many projects done? Between the man sobbing, of course. :disappointed_relieved: