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Reliable Caliber II truck motor mounts?


I want a motor mount for theses forged RF1…my k5 are my most favorite


My new mounts have all of these points covered.


Hey @kuphjr,

How about now? Did you put a lot more KMs on the new mount design? Are they still holding well?

The extra 2 cross bars should help but I don’t know if it’s enough to prevent the c-clamp from getting loose from the truck hanger over time.


Yep! Still working great! Although I think I prefer using bearings as idlers instead of using the acetal idlers that we’re included with the mount. Metal just lasts longer than acetal. That being said there is hardly any wear on the idlers despite a fair bit of riding.


I now replace the POM housing with T6 6511 aluminum, it’s much more durable. :point_down:


Nice! I’d like to purchase four pieces! The Delrin ones I have, seem to have a bit of wiggle, causing the drive train to have a high pitch rattle when riding.


I ended up ordering this mount

It’s the one that comes the closest (on paper) to addressing all the issues I’ve had with the mounts before.

@marcmt88’s revised design address many of the issues I had with his “earlier” (I bought all 4 last year, so not that early) models but still has the same c-clamp (1 bolt) and that’s what caused me the most issues in the past.

Will report back on how much improvement these are.


@Mikaelj I received your dual mount complete kit 2 days ago. I haven’t ridden it yet but I’d like to comment on my first impressions.

I have to say I’m really impressed with the quality, it’s much beyond what I’ve used before.

It’s T6 7075 Aluminum, the clamp and motor arms are both thicker then other mounts I have (e.g.: clamp is 12mm wide) and the design is excellent as well, like you said I can tell it will address the pain points I’ve had before. The clamps make very solid contact with the Caliber II hangers, even before applying a lot of torque I can already feel the solid fit. The arm won’t move from the clamp either because of how it’s designed.

If there is anything that I would improve(disclaimer: I haven’t used the mounts yet):

  • Ship with Alloy Steel bolts instead of Stainless
  • I appreciate that you designed most bolt areas to be able to take a Nyloc nut on the other side and shipped them with the mount. The main thing that is not compatible with a Nyloc nut but would be nice to have are the clamp bolts.

Looking forward to testing it on the road.

Whoosh! Motormounts for Caliber, TB, Surfrodz

Thank you so much for the feedback @gmurad!