Recommend a removable adhesive


Any recommendations for removable adhesives?

I have some LiPos I want to hold down in one of the WowGo metal enclosures, but hot glue isn’t sticking, velcro is too thick, and epoxy is too permanent. Anyone have a good alternative, removable solution?


Ill suggest a polyurethane adhesive, i dont know where you are but here, everbuild stixall, CT1 would be the way to go.


If you can’t use velcro then whatever you use will not be easily removable. A good 3m double sided tape will work or if you can wait for it to cure then a neutral cure silicon. Easier to remove the tape than the silicon but you can get it off again using a thin bladed knife. Do it in small blobs and the removal won’t be too problematic. Are you talking remove to charge or remove when they need replacing?


Looking for something similar too, I want the pack in my integrated deck to be removeable but Velcro is probs too thick


@pat.speed it always seems like we’re optimizing for similar things and arriving at similar designs hah!

@dareno most of the 3m tapes I have experience with arent much thinner than velcro, do you know of any that aren’t ~2mm, padded, foamy tapes?


Mate I can go to bunnings and buy a 3m tape that is black and about 1.5mm thick. Sticks like shit to a blanket. Go on the 3m site and try to find it. Not as vibration proof but it does give some protection. @pat.speed your fine mate just go to bunnings. I use it on my rc cars for the electronics and it holds well.


Amazing goop.


found it on hobbyking. Great stuff


Cheers I’ll drop by binning tomorrow I need some nuts and bolts anyway


Silicone no?


It needs to be easily removable, it’s for a swAppable pack


How about zip ties?


For integrated deck? Probs not