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ProtoBoards-UK/WORLDWIDE :Caliber II Trucks, £30 Motor Mounts, Wheels, Spark Switch, MayTech Motors, VESCs, Controllers, Pulleys, Belts, More to come!



We should be getting some more in stock either next week or the week after.


Have you thought of selling complete kits?


Yeah definitely! Since now I sell all the required parts for a complete kit I should be adding them fairly soon.


Do you think you can also sell 12mm belts? Would be nice to have that option as well since my set up uses 12mm belts


Yep, we have 12mm belts coming in soon.


Can you add some pics about motor mounts attached back of rear truck with drop thru deck?


Received my mount! Quality is quite good!


@ProtoBoards could you update this post/pm me when you get VESC’s back in stock? Cheers:)


Received my first order a few days ago, remote and voltmeter.
Both look great, shipping was fast too.
Very glad to have a new more affordable esk8 online shop in europe!

You should definitely keep adding products to your stock, like a good BMS, Hubmotors, chargers, cables (vesc dual bridge, connectors, charging ports, mechanical switches), more colors for trucks/wheels/mounts etc…

Also: Can somebody explain how to use the Antisparkswitch? I thought it should have +/- in and +/- out, 5 contacts for the actual mechanical switch (C, NO, NC, Led+, Led-) and the additional 2 for the car fuse you have to buy.

Since I want the switch to be normally open I would need 4 of the 5 contacts on the mechanical switch right?
But the ASS only shows 3 contacts for that matter: “On, Off, Switch”, which confuses me, does Off need to be connected to NO, switch to C and does On have to be left aside along with NC?
Is it even possible to use Switches with LEDs with this ASS?
Thanks in advance


@Bazingazunga Yep sure, they should be in stock on the 5th Janurary.

@ACIN Thanks for the review, we plan to be adding a lot more products soon.
The spark switch has three contacts for the switch. When the when the ON and “Switch” contacts are connected together the spark switch is powered on. When the OFF and “Switch” contacts are connected together the spark switch is powered off. Im pretty sure you can use those 5 pin LED switches with this switch, I believe that you can connect the C, NO and NC pins to the switch contacts on the board (C to ON, NO to “switch” and NC to OFF(Not 100% sure about that order, it depends on what state of the switch you want the board to be on/off)) and have the LED + and - connected to the Spark Switch output. Hope this helps.


Thanks for that, but wouldn’t I instead have to connect the NO to On, C to switch and NC to Off?

Since “switch” should be constantly connected to either On or Off which would not be the case in your example when the mechanical switch is off (then On and Off would be connected, which I’m sure we don’t want to happen).


@Bazingazunga The VESC’s are now back in stock

@ACIN Sorry for the delayed reply, Im pretty sure that the spark switch does work fine with LED push switches, however I am not entirely sure about how the push button leads will need to be mounted onto the PCB. If the switch is an SPDT switch it will be compatible.


Sweet! Will get an order in for some stuff today :smiley: Any cheeky chance of getting the 20% off again since i missed it due to selling out? :stuck_out_tongue:


@ProtoBoards: First off: very nice and professional store you have there! Good to know that an extra (reasonably priced) option is made available.

But I also have a question about the sparkswitch. I happen to have a sparkswitch board and a LED pushbutton lying around of the same type. But those are usually 12 volt and I can’t figure out why 2 of the leads in your picture go the main battery voltage? Or is there a resistor in between?

Thanks in advance!


The manufacturer of the push buttons told me that the button contained a resistor and would work fine with fairly high voltages, however this wasn’t entirely truthful (at first I didn’t notice since I tested the switches with a 12V supply). This picture was taken of one of the old spark switch’s. The new ones have a resistor soldered directly onto the push button, the picture just hasn’t been updated yet.


Ah that explains! I’ll probably add a resitor to mine to.


Can you use one resistor for different voltages? (6S, 10S and 12S)


ugh that depends on how resilient the LED is in terms of current deviations. I’d suggest taking a resistor for 10s/12s and try it out. The led might just be a bit dimmer


Honestly I haven’t been able to test this, but I think that the LED would only slightly dim for these changes in voltages.


Really like the purple on those wheels. Too bad you don’t have any 90mm in stock. Any word when they are back? And whats the damage to get those to Cali? @ProtoBoards