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Problems with my GT2B


So i have the problem that when i try to connect my gt2b reciever to my vesc, the light on it go on and it look like its connected to my transmitter. But BLDC tool gets no signal. PPM is on, the other stuff i need to run it is on too.
sry for my bad english


check the display box in bldc tool and see if it’s receiving a pulse width signal


Be sure to reboot the bldc-tool after enabling PPM.


You may not have bound it to the controller.

First plug in your receiver using the VCC pins (top lot) and put the bind plug into CH3/BIND
Turn on your VESC (supply power to the Receiver)
Hold on to the Bind button on the GT2B controller and turn it on. It will flash the green light.
Turn of both your receiver and controller
Charge the plug in your receiver to CH2 and remove the bind plug
Turn on your controller (before the VESC)
Now turn on your VESC


No there is only a pulse when i connect it like @racidon said. But then the reciever is slowly flashing red. And its not working.
Pulse is 0.030


i did but it didnt helped me


did you make sure you plugged the receiver the correct direction? Maybe a pic would help.


Sry my phone is broken so i cant make a pic at the moment :confused:
The receiver is plugget in the right way. If the red light flashing slowly, bldc gets a signal but i have no idea what slowly blinking mean…


I do it exacly like the guy in this Vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W-1CZ5wXC4g
But when i switch it back on like him, i get that slow blinking…
I checked the cables and everything but there is nothing wrong with it :frowning:


Do you have a multimeter/continuity tester? You may have a bad crimp connection on the signal wire. You should be getting a bright green led on the VESC when you apply throttle or brake.


Yes the vesc and motor is okay, like i said, everythink works exept of the remote
I got a Multimeter somewhere i go to search for it


Okay i got the problem now. It was a litte short on my board from the antenna. :smiley: