Problem steze remote maytech


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With my friend, we have 2 maytech remote but when we connect 2 board near. The Remote control 2 board … Can we Help me ?


Yes, you need to change the frequency your running on. When you go through the pairing process, you have a chance right near the end of the process to change the channel your on.

These are the instructions I came up with, since maytechs were unusable. Step 6 is what you need to change, on one of your remotes.

  1. Turn off your electric skateboard.

  2. On the remote control, press
    and hold
    the A button for 3 seconds to turn
    on the controller. The left light will
    become yellow and the right light will become green.

  3. Press down and release the joystick
    (labeled the C button). The
    left light will blink green.

  4. Press the B button 10
    times in less than 10 seconds. All lights on your controller should turn off.
    If your controller has a yellow light on the left and green on the right
    (similar to when you first turned it on), check to make sure that your receiver
    is off (no red light), and if not, turn it off and start from step 3 again.

  5. Turn on your electric

  6. Once the receiver
    turns on, your controller should have some combination of flashing lights. The
    two lights together tell you what frequency your on. The left is in terms of
    tens, and the right is the single digits. Simple add the two numbers together
    to determine which frequency you are on. The default frequency for this remote
    is 2. This should be changed if you are experiencing interference or if using
    multiple of these controllers in the same area.

Example: Left light
flashes 2 times and the right flashes 4 times. 2 x 10 = 20 + 4 (from the right)
= 24

To change the frequency,
simply slide the joystick (Do not press the C button) up or down to increase
and decrease the frequency.

  1. Press and hold the A
    button to turn off the remote.

  2. Turn off your electric

  3. Turn on both your
    remote and electric skateboard. The receiver should blink red and become solid
    red if pairing was successful.


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