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Parallel lipo charging


Hello, I have 2 x zippy flightmax 4000mAh batteries which run in series as 8s on my longboard. I would like to charge them in parallel with connectors i made for connecting the main battery power in parallel, and a set of the battery sensor connectors (picture) i bought off hobbyking. I am using a Turnigy accucel 6s charger. would tthis be a safe way to charge my batteries? thanks for any feedback


disconnect your series plugs.
connect parallel main plugs
connect parallel balance plugs
connect both to charger
balance charge.

I do the same with 12s, but I usually just charge parallel without balancing, they stay balance just fine.

every now and then i balance them separately just to be sure…at some point i’ll get a 6s jst and balance parallel.