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Orangatang kegel wheels with profile!


How cool is this , kegel wheels for rainy weather !


Who wants to ride their precious electrical lgboard in rainy weather? (besides maybe Casey Neistat who has disposable income we can only dream of)


That would be me :smile:


Offtopic: Mr Epi! Great to see a fellow Dutch (quad) guy here :slight_smile:

Those wheels would be perfect for Dutch weather indeed :stuck_out_tongue:


Are they custom made or can you buy them?


i assume the are just CNC the normal ones with the tread pattern


They are just for sale in 4 different stages and they are quite pricey.(105 euro)


Every time I ride in the rain I destroy my bearings :frowning:


Try the SKF bearings they work out great for me.

And they are just 20 euro for 8pcs.


Nice! Harfang wheels. They started a few years back with modified Biggie Hawgs and now have their own wheels. Nice to see the expanding.


Cool ! Thanks for the inside info :smiley: