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Ollin FreeRide Re-Curve



That sounds great! Definitely worth waiting on you guys to do it professionally :wink:


I think once I get my HAYA in I’m gonna have to make a tough decision over which to go with. Damn I love this design :heart_eyes: As for whether to eat cell space or use the older vesc design I already purchased dual ESCape’s. I have a dual enclosure as well as two single enclosures for them so I’d likely just use those. That’d still be enough room for a 12s4p or 10s5p wouldn’t it?

Is there any more from this batch left?


@uigiroux Our first batch sold pretty quick and we do not have any left. If you are interested in the second batch, please allow us some time to focus on those whom have already ordered before we can give you an expected time frame on the second production batch.

We are running behind and do apologize immensely. We ran out of epoxy and had to order more…which took a week to get here. We then had an employee out for awhile which slowed us down as well. I would also like to announce that we made the hard decision to no longer sell complete ready to ride boards. This will allow us to put all our energy into making decks and manufacturing parts for builders. Because of this we will soon offer battery options and other included components with our decks to accommodate new builders or riders that want something that they can just bolt on their drive train of choice.


This is awesome! Back to DIY!


Will the battery+deck options be available to international customers as well? :smile:


Amazeballs. With cronins getting disco’ed, can @OllinBoardCompany share the plan for motor mounts?


@Wraith :cry: wish we could send batteries overseas, fortunately there are plenty of talented battery builders across the pond.

@deucesdown cast Ronins have not been discontinued. We have already adapted our drive to the updated version of the cast Ronins. We still have a limited supply of the older wider trucks but most of our customers prefer the new model for obvious reasons.


Aahh that’s right with a single motor per truck, the narrowness of the Katana design doesn’t affect you as much. Nice!