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Official WOWGO Board is Here!



Hello fellow e-skate friends. WOWGO Board is finally here, nice to meet you guys! ( ̄▽ ̄)


You guys should stick to /r/electricskateboarding my 2 cents





All brands whether prebuilt, commissioned, or even apparel orientated are welcome so long as they follow the forum guidelines. It’s distasteful to recommend anyone to go somewhere else when they have yet to do anything against our rules.


Sorry just sharing my honest opinion.


Thanks for joining @skateborad - we ask that large vendors use the forum to share their ideas and discuss design. Please note that we generally discourage posts that are merely advertising. Looking forward to good discussions in the future!


Hello Wowgo! :slight_smile: Welcome


while I might agree, its good on them for reaching out and hearing what we have to say. This is how product changes happen


If you’re wondering what to post here, please let everyone know about the following:

  • Large new product releases that have new tech
  • New components DIY users can build with, e.g Batteries, enclosures and new motors.

I am particularly interested in seeing how much you will sell the 10S3P Sanyo pack in the new wowgo AT for, because that will be the highest quality pack from china available iirc


Still learning this forum. :joy:




What I wanna know is how the hell has no one taken that username before?!?!?:thinking::thinking::thinking:



s k a t e b O R A D

thats why, lel


LMAFO my dyslexic ass didnt even catch that. well played @skateborad


I thought it was a funny stab but I think practicing inclusivity is helpful and super 2018… :wink: I only stumbled upon this forum after buying a meepo and having a DIY heart searching for more possibilities in life… And the board… I also think they change their handle to skateBORAT!! Is nice!!!


yeah I was half heartedly joking lol
I honestly would love to see some improvements on the the chinese board cause it’s the only way the masses are going to get an affordable board. just hope they keep the advertisement to a minimum :slight_smile:
@skateborad don’t take it personally much love welcome :wink:


Hey, cool, the official Wowgo is here!
So I can ask my question!

What is the difference between your new AT board and the Backfire Ranger?
I believe in the past, backfire used a different supplier for the hub motor than wowgo & meepo, so I am curious, are the board coming from different suppliers?
I would guess that those two board are almost the same, with just a slightly different deck.
Don’t get me wrong, I still think it’s cool. To be honest I believe the more board use similar hub, the better because bigger production means bigger traction to solve problems and get things moving.
But so I’m curious, is it the same board with just a different branding (meaning also different customer support, etc.)?


Nah, they are super different nothing on it is the same.

Its axles, vs slottet inserts generic enclosures vs custom made enclosures remote with fancy led screen vs generic remote without double drop deck vs just a normal deck.


Nope, totally different. Different deck, different truck, different battery, different ESC, and different remote, also different brand haha.


I see
So only the wheels/hubs are similar.
I saw the deck and remote were different, but I didn’t saw the rest

Thanks for the clarification