Pre-Order Focbox Unity $249 | R-SPEC Drive Kit $579USD

Off White [Kaly.Nyc idea based trampa] [Trampa, Gummies, 12S]


I have only 15t motor pulleys

For superstar I can make 60t and 72t pulleys, but for the 15 / 72t gear ratio it is not possible to use idlers


I would need a 14/44 so that i may have to resort to Uniks or Trampa, that would work with your mounts correct?

Or would you say 60T would work with gummies? (125MM Size)

I dont need the idler, just the mount itself.


The 60t pulley fits 125mm gummies

The outer diameter of the 60t pulley is 95,5mm

You do not need to buy a set, you can buy pulleys from someone else


Its to keep everything at one place and make sure i wont have to sit down and file things to make them fit together im a bit tired of that :stuck_out_tongue:

But thats 25mm spare that should be alright i think since its just for roads and it would mean it would also work fine for up to 6.5" wheels.

But 15t and 60t 2x + the mounts and if you have belts that fits this kind of setup? With or without idlers thats just up to you if you have belts or know what would fit with idlers and not without.

That would be 100+110 or so right?


Yes, this set works fine with 6.5-inch wheels, I have the same in my board

I have belts of different lengths, the price of a set of pulleys also includes belts

The prices are correct, but you must add shipping costs

If you want to buy the whole set from me, it also suggests you buy a idlers

Using the idlers you will have more effective braking, in addition, the belts can be loose, which reduces the resistance of the belt transmission.


Sounds like a plan, are the mounts custom made per customer as in you CNC them everytime you get an order?


Yes, pulleys and motor mounts are always made to order


Any chance you could remove the extra thing around the mount? image


I think its there to protect the motors if you lift the deck from the front and put it on the ground motor side down


I can do it

Yes, this element protects the motor


Got the deck and trucks and stuff, but i totally didnt expect the deck to be that small so deffo ordered the wrong trucks thats for sure.


dude…are you kidding me

it looks like a wide arch low riding sports car. defo keep it. and if you ever go pnuemetics, it will look 10x better with the wider trucks


They are like way to wide, its 40cm trucks haha.

It looks really strange im not to big of a fan but ive got a trade i can do with a guy for mini vertigo should also allow me to use street wheels.


will your mounts work on the mini trucks?

did you end up with unik or @Idea mounts?


They use the same mounts yeah, and i will go with idea mounts since the guy i would be trading trucks with has some for sale as well.


Got the @Idea mounts installed, great stuff loads of sharp edges so had to sand down but quality stuff same with the pulleys.

And got my trucks traded, he forgot the spacers and nuts for my trucks so won’t be completely installing it anytime soon.

But! Progress!


Dude how did you install the mounts? Idea told me that the fullsize truck mounts dont fit on the mini trucks :slight_smile: I am confused


These are for the mini i would think, unless he aint making for it.

But i just put them on.

Looks sick


Gotta make sure every detail is perfect!

Sleeving almost every damn wire.


Finally found a name that fits this build lol.

Off White, why? Colors are white and black.

I like the brand, and the logo is easy to cut in griptape so win win!

Will be placed like Kaly Does, and ehm now i need to add more white details.

Also! Soon done, doing a decent amount of work on it atm when i get the enclosure i can get the last done and out on the road!