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New Hummie Hubs!


Anytime man, Let me know if you have any problems


flange and nut done! be here in 2 to 3 days is the norm. dust off your stuff.


Hey, that was the circlip. Just saw this


Super excited, these were only for the initial small batch order correct?


@hummie @evoheyax are you guys close enough to start talking about specifics? like quantity, price, what size wheels, are you taking money yet, etc.


shoot I’m too busy to talk! talk to you in like two days when this new design is going. maybe go straight for twin peaks and see if I can catch evohyax to the top now that he’s fatter. cant wait to see how the 70 duro super high rebound holds up. ive got 3 other harder and more durable versions but if this lasts I’ll be lovin it.


Stick with the 70…even if the lifetime is shorter it’s worth it for the performance trade off


is there any chance of getting a thane like this on a hub? only just started using these but cannot help but wonder how they would work out on hubs



the softer duro should give good traction on the tarmac and the fact these are smaller diameter wheels and the bearing in hubs probably wouldnt do well offroad but i could be wrong


IIRC from longboarding in general, about 75a was the softest that could be tolerated. Chunking, tearing, falling apart, etc. And reflex (high rebound) can be run about 3 points harder and still feel the same or better as nonreflex. And reflex has more tendancy to chunk.


@Hummie do u still need money ? I dunno why I haven’t bought a set yet. Just looking forward for 90 mm wheels minimum for the streets I have.


sorry needed a tool to open these cans of rubber and everywhere was closed on the weekend. need a special bung wrench. for sure this week i’ll get things open and out the door soon.


I must admit I never considered just 3d printing a set and putting them over some 90mm hubs like this guy did


bit strange, builds up a 4wd bouncy deck with no concave to ride in the snow, then to make up for the lack of contact grip bangs a nail through the deck every every 10mm…


all looked reasonable except the nails banged through the deck for grip! what the hell. I wouldn’t want to turn too fast, maybe the nails would hold my shoes but the tires I woudnt trust.


I love the nail touch :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: its so outrageous that its great


i dont even use grip tape. i move my feet around so much those nails would be a hinderance and probably destroy my shoes.


Did you get the bung thing all sorted out?


Tool should be here today since didn’t show yesterday.


I almost fell out of my chair when i saw the remote for that thing :smiley: its hilarious. But hey, it werks.