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New Hummie Hubs!


Will see how things plays out but I’m in :wink:


let me know :wink: i´m probably in


That would be great and shipping to EU is insane as you say! I always wrote the value of the motors on the package as whatever the person that bought them wanted me to write and some people told me to write the correct value as they say there’s a big risk of the parts being held up for a very long time in some countries. I just got the main motor parts shipped from China for 100 motors and each one was valued at 2$.

But I don’t have the parts to build 100 motors in fact I don’t have the parts to build even one yet of this new design and waiting for the two last parts to be shipped within the next two days.

Give it another week and then I’m sure to have some motors out the door and then lets figure it out.


salt = bearing death

I’d be careful man, bearings can seize and cause a lot of damage by stressing the entire system out. It’s better to just replace the bearing than ride on rusted bearings and risk breaking the motor or other components.


Yeah, probably not the easiest bearing to replace, anyway to source a standard spec or is this an enertion OEM custom only source?


That’s a good point. @barajabali can probably give you the specs. You’ll probably be able to find em on


TBD, waiting on @barajabali to make a video on bearing replacement, and also waiting to hear back from support regarding the issue.


I would love to see that video Mike!


I just made a guide today. Not a video but a step by step. I actually found a back-door way to do it which is much easier and requires basic tools with expection of a circlip remover (but you can use two screw drivers or get crafty)

The bearing you need is a 6810-2rz (from memory)

I used the 2rs (rubber seal) as an experiment to see if it seals better. There is more resistance but it makes a better seal.

I’ll be posting the guide on the forum and the FAQ on Enertions site. I’ll update with links tomorrow for y’all


Nice, thanks @barajabali for the details and posting a guide on some of this stuff as we learn more





My pleasure guys @mikenyc


Cant wait to see these things in action! Definitely wanna buy a set sometime this year


So do we know who’s the first 100 to get these motors?


I do not think he actually sold 100. He just ordered parts for 100.


Nice one monk I’d be in .


ugh …they’re sending them before their holiday as I said but realized their holiday is next Friday! ugh. so once again we’re at two weeks. . I know I slack when there aren’t all the parts around to actually get going but bear with me and I’ll be pouring wheels tomorrow for sure. the main parts came are good and fit nicely and that’s really the hurdle hurdled…just need to wait for these simple parts.


Time for enclosures then :smirk:


@mikenyc @Surfer @caustin


Thanks so much!