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My first esk8 build - Ex-Ownboard W1S | 2x Single VESC 6.6 | Caliber 2 | N5065 Outrunners | Boardnamics Mount | Mini Remote


Hey guys,

I am very new to the esk8 scene and have only bought my first board from Ownboard in Nov last year :smiley:

So far I have been riding it daily for commuting to work and I kinda regretted purchasing a board before reading more in this DIY forum, so I had an idea to convert the Ownboard to a belt drive :smile:

My parts list as below:

  1. N5065 Outrunner motor - 270kv
  2. Flipsky VESC 6.6 x 2
  3. Extended trucks from Taobao for the motors
  4. 97mm 78A flywheel clones
  5. Flywheel clone pulley kit- 12/36T gear ratio

I will reuse the other parts from the W1S like the deck, enclosures, Samsung battery and my existing caliber 2 trucks for the front.

Album (I will add more pics in as the build progress :wink:) -

I will continue to update this thread and I hope this will be helpful for the other newbies like me that wanted to learn more about building/modding their own esk8 :+1:


Ill buy your hub motors if you dont want them


Left motor mount on 2nd picture is apparently flipped the rong way.
Why 270kv on 10s?


You should get a motor with a lower kv, 270 kv at 10s will give roughly 70k erpm why will fry your drv because flipsky vesc 6 aren’t actually vesc 6


Good eye! I had to go back and look at it again.


If he runs them in foc there is no erpm


Huh im not sure about that. theres no way you could buypass the 60k erpm.

above 60k = dead drv

focbox can safely do higher sometimes but its not guarnteed, only vesc 6 can go above and its limit is 110k erpm


Thanks for the offer but I am based in Malaysia, shipping is gonna be a rape :sob:


Good eye bro :slight_smile: the mounts are made only one side so there’s not mirrored version for it…
That is something I have to live with for now…

I got the 270 kv motors because I haven’t been reading enough before purchasing so that was my own mistake…and I couldn’t sell it off so I figure that I will use it first.


Haha woops!

Maybe you can find someone local, or save them for a backup


As per my reply to @Grozniy, it was an uneducated purchase lol

But I will limit the eRPM to 58000 on the VESC tool so that it won’t go over :slight_smile:


If you enjoy getting your hands ‘dirty’ you should take a look at the thread about rewinding your motors, it’s pretty live right now so scrolling through the homepage should bring you right to it

For 10s, and a non true 6.xx based vesc, a good range of kv would be anywhere from 100-190

As you probably understand, the lower the kv, the more torquey and lower the top speed is (this can also depend on your gearing, so keep that in mind too)


Just take a light read on the topics regarding rewinding a motor, definitely not something that I can do :laughing:

Yea I figure that I will get a Flipsky 190kv 6354 motor after this 5065 gives way :smiley:

A 40T wheel pulley will be use also in the future for better torque :wink:


Don’t get flipsky. You want a motor to last, get maytech or sk3 or racerstar. Maytech from forum vendors or directly through them


Thanks for the suggestion @Grozniy :slight_smile: I’ll look at ti when I am ready to replace the 5065 motors with the 6354 :smiley:


Plenty of happy campers using the flipsky 6354s - and I had a great experience with their after sales support.


Great to hear some positive feedback on the Flipsky motors, are you using them? Or you’ve jusy5heard that they’re good?


Had this issue while trying to run the motor detection wizard…

Motor was detected fine but won’t spin at the 2nd test…just stutters like you see in the video below…

I’ve tried swapping the phase wires around and make sure not cables are touching each other but it still produce the same result…

Swapped the motors and VESC around and can confirm it’s not the VESC’s issue, since the other motor works just fine on both VESC…

Any idea guys?


Finally got the mounts from @Boardnamics and they are really much more polished than the cheap chinese mounts that I have previously !


What kind of motor you build ?