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My ESC shook itself to death (thrice)


My Talon 90 ESC has now shed the same motor lead twice (after being fixed once already), and one of the capacitors fell off while I was riding (and I didn’t even notice). So I think it’s time for a VESC. Who’s got them in stock and can ship to Canada quickly? Because I need to get back out and riding before winter starts!


someone help this man. He’s Canadian! Winter is coming! :stuck_out_tongue:


I had the same thing happen to me with 6S car esc. The caps fell out mid ride, malfunctioned and led to SYF, SYK and SYH. The same thing might happen to VESC if they were hard mounted to the board. I am going to pad all my ESC/VESCs with foam to prevent this from happening again.


Ok I bit the bullet and ordered a VESC from Enertion, since they say it’s in stock (hopefully that’s true). Definitely going to make a nice case for it and cover it in the softest of foam padding.