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Motor/Wheel pulleys


Hey! Quick question guys. I’m about to bit the bullet and buy the rest of the stuff i need to complete my e-board.
For you guys interested im buying:
Cruiser longboard deck
Caliber clone trucks
Flywheel clone wheels
Cnc motor mount from enertion or someone else.
I’ll 3d print my wheel pulley since i have a 3d printer available.

And what i have:
Sk3 149kv motor
150amp hk esc
Multiple 6s batteries

My question is regarding the motor and wheel pulley. It’ll be a 6s board for now. Maybe later i’ll buy an vesc and wire the batteries in series.
I’m aiming for a real top speed of about 20mph.
I’ve used some calculators but i still don’t know how to use them correctly. So if someone can help me i’ll appreciate it.


My 6s board with 192kv motor and 16:36 gear ratio has gotten me 25mph before, contrary to the calculators. Realistic top speed on flat ground was about 21mph. I weigh 145lbs if that helps. If you want speed though, the easiest way to do that is a higher Kv motor. 230kv will get you 25 in no time


Sorry to bring this up on this thread but I have no idea how to post my own thread., but I am having a problem with 2 5000 mah 20c lipo batteries and it is driving me crazy. I have them wired up in series and had a charging cord also connected to them. The first set i had puffed up and then this set puffed up too. I saw that you are supposed to disconnet the cords after riding? So I am supposed to take apart the board every-time i want to charge? Thanks,


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If they are puffy then get rid of them as fast as possible… Those things are dangerous so dispose of them properly a trash can won’t do.