Motor temp fault VESC 6+

Interesting, do you use the simple or advanced foc setup? I’m used to the old Vesc tool so this is a little different. I

I haven’t used the full version of the vesc tool in a long time. I do all my settings with the mobile vesc tool.

Did you setup the beta value of your motor In vesc tool?

I’m not sure what that is, sooooo no. Could you tell me how to?

Just reran detection, look normalish?

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Looks good.


Normally you should not have to mess with it. It is basically a way of calibrating your temperature sensor.

looks the same except for fault stop time

These are not my settings. They are they standard settings of the vesc tool.

So am I supposed to adjust the beta value?

The beta value is a constant that depends on the characteristics of the thermistor used.

I don’t know if motor manufacturers use various NTC thermistors with values that are different to the standard value in the vesc tool, but if that is the case, then this means that the temperature reported differs from the actual one.

You would only need to adjust this value if the vesc tool reports eg 80C when the actual temperature is 60C.

Considering that your motor temperature climbs from 60C to 80C very fast, I don’t think this is your problem.

Okay, where is the proper place to take a temperature rating?

Normally on the base of the motor. I still don’t think this is your problem though. Do both motors overheat?

Yes, both of them reach thermal max. It seems like a VESC setting issue to me?

You definitely need to adjust the beta factor, since the function is logarithmic a small error produces a big error in the temperature reading

Measure resistance and temperature and resistance at two different temperatures and put them in the calculator bellow

The best way I’ve found with built in temperature sensor is to use a hair dryer and let it heating the motor for at least half and hour or more to stabilize, just be careful that some hair dryers will get things way too hot and damage the motor

So do I do one at “room temp” and then another after a half hour on hairdryer?

With that calculator I’m getting a beta value of -267.64 that doesn’t seem right


How are you measuring the motor temperature at both cases?

I’m using the rt data in the Vesc tool. Should I get a laser or probe to measure

It needs to be external, we are trying to calibrate the VESC tool temperature, do you can’t use it. I personally use a IR thermometer, just be careful to no use it anywhere shiny or the readings will be wrong

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