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Motor Skid Plates?


Looking for a skid plate to bolt on that will protect my motors. Ideally it would bolt on to the trucks or something like that. Anything out there, or do i need to fabricate it myself?


U need to make one


I can help design a skid plate if needed. I may also be able to fabricate is via Laser Cutting/SLA Printing. I don’t have full access to a metal working shop though.


@KMeyerson I’m modeling my board right now in sketchup to get a rough idea of what i want. If it wouldn’t be too expensive i’d certainly take you up on the fabrication offer as i have no way to cut or work with metal myself.

Current state: http://i.imgur.com/DOBPDZ6.png

If anyone can give exact measurements of @torqueboards v4 mount that’d be awesome. I have the mount myself but my measurements are far from great. If anyone already has a model of the 50mm motors we use that’d help too!

Sketchup file: https://mega.nz/#!v1R0lbKD!iD9nLxEGY5cgST9j1JC2O9v9yJ3d1Ntj_jhdZB9x1yk