MORE ITEMS FOR SALE, 2x TB VESC, Boss level spot welder, Abec wheels and caliber 2 trucks


Boss level spot welder. im selling this cause i dont think i will use it anywhere in the near future. It comes with the welder arm. $105 shipped in the US

2x Fairly new TB VESC. I bought these used but never ended up using them. i now have a unity comming in so no point in keeping these. would like to sell as a pair SOLD

Relisted Item. the sale fell through so im relisting the items here. US ONLY
Trucks+wheels $65 SHIPPED

Caliber 2 trucks $25 shipped

83mm Abec wheels with 12mm 36t wheel pulley $45 shipped

WTB Tb trucks USA
Motor recommendations?

Is this usa


Sorry had to do this…



$90 shipped for the two motors!


@Skunk you definitely need to take these of my hands. I impulse bought the maytech motors :joy:


arrrrgggghhhhhh! I live less than 3 hours away and bought these same exact motors less than 2 weeks ago. I almost want to take them anyway but I can’t! :confounded:


Hello, I am interested in your two 6355 Motors. I live in California. Let me know how we can proceed. Thanks!


@Dgyee check you’re pm. look in the top right corner of your screen and reply to me.


Sold yet? 10char


No, it’s still avalible.


bump, new items listed.

Sorry @Skunk i know i said i would lend the welder to you but i need to make up for the impulse buys during black friday. :joy:


Lol all good dude




Dibs on both TB vesc.




Spot welder is tempting


Idk how much to Iceland is lol. Probably around $30




What all is needed to complete the spot welder set up?
Possibly interested in any trades?