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MBS Wheels | Dual Belt Drive | 18650 Bat Packs | Torque Board ESCs


Already uploaded some pictures of my build, but figured I would just start a thread. The build started off with an Ebay deck that I picked up for under $50 bucks and a single motor. With this setup I had a range of just over 7 miles.
Trucks: 184mm Caliber 2 “Black out” Downhill Longboard Trucks
Wheels: MBS All-Terrain Longboard Wheels
Motor: DIY 6355 230KV 2650W
ESC: TorqueBoards 120A 6S ESC
Controller: FS-GT2 2CH Radio Controller
Battery: 2 TitanFlight 6s 22.2V packs 3500mah 3.5AH

Since riding with someone is a lot more fun I just preordered a Boosted Board Dual for friends to ride. If anyone wants $100 off their order use this link below! It also helps me out!



friend where’d you get those wheels


I purchased them on Amazon for just over $60. You can order them direct from the company that makes them MBS, link below.



You shoulda used that money and made a dope ass DIY board! Many times more rewarding think of how fun this board was!
When you do get your BB2 in do a review on it :slight_smile:


were you able to ride in the rain with these? Since it has groves on the wheels I’d assume you have better traction when the ground is wet, but correct me if I’m wrong


I guess I could have, but I just want something that is very reliable for others to ride and works on day 1. This build has been over three months and I am still waiting on my spacecell. Will definitely post a review when the BB comes in

Also, I lived in Chicago for 9 years and just moved a couple of months ago! I am back often so let me know when you guys get a ride together!


I always wondered how much different these wheels are to flywheels clones.


The inner part of the wheel is exactly the same. So much so the Enertion drive gear fits right in. I have added some pictures for comparison. Relative to driving in the rain haven’t had much experience but they might help a bit. Still wouldn’t ride in the rain since the MBS wheels have limited contact with pavement.


I got a larger case for the batteries and added two more packs. Working on getting dual setup together, will update later.


Installed some longboard store sunrisers. They look great and give some light so you can be seen, but would need something brighter on darker roads. They only cost $30


I can report back that these wheels are not great in the rain. They slide all over on any slick concrete.


I noticed that you had a 6S ESC but your batteries are 12S when wired in series. I thought this would have caused problems. I’m a newb at this, am I wrong?


I believe he is running them in parallel for extra range.


that would make sense. so parallel gives you range, and series gives you speed?



Not necessarily. If you have two 6s 5000mah batteries and put them in series, 12s will be more efficient and still get as much range (depending how you ride) as parallel except it will be faster.


Right now I am running them in parallel. It would be tough to run these 3 packs in series, since it would basically be 18s. I now have a total of 4 6s packs in parallel but could switch to series to get more volts. Also added TB on/off switch.


im not sure how that would be possible to get the same range as parallel. According to the diagram that link5505 used, two 6S 5,000mah in parallel would be 10,000 mah as opposed to the two in series would only be 5,000 mah. surely the parallel setup with 10,000 would ride farther. I’m pretty confused now.


I have had some problems keeping one of my DIY mounts tight, it keeps making small movements on my truck causing the wheel gear to grind on the mount. Has anyone else experienced this with DIY’s newest V4 mount?


Because the motor is more efficient with more volts. Therefore, it draws less amps from the battery which will make the battery last longer.