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MBS MTB Builds.. Post Pics!



Hey guys I am going to build a MBS MTB and would love to see what you guys have already built! Alos, Please feel free to mention any good finds or mistakes others should avoid!


I am starting a hybrid using ATS trucks with 7in Knobby’s. I have completely settled on a deck yet. THis is what I bought from MBS…

x4 13018 - Complete 7" Knobby Wheel (1)

19.95 each
x2 12008 - MBS ATS Truck (1)

29.95 each


I’ll post my pics soon.

FYI - not many motor mounts fit the ATS trucks as-is. @Idea has some designs that he can CNC for you, but I ended up taking a dremel to the truck so that a caliber-fitting mount from DIYES could fit. Before then I had a prototype mount made of plywood.

Motor mounts kits for Trampa ATB and MBS Matrix (old type), Matrix II, ATS

@mmaner Check the axle diameter - IIRC the ATS is for 12mm axles, and the 7" wheels I think only fit 9.5mm.


That’s the ATS.12, the standard ATS trucks are 9.5mm as are the 7in KNobby wheels.


I’ve been chatting with @Idea about his dual motor mount solution with clamp rings for the ATS trucks. Im mostly just experimenting with this build, trying some new stuff that I haven’t done before. Ill post lots of pics and summaries after I start building.


Cool thread, UP !

None ?

Just for inspiration, I know Yann made some good one since 2016 now ^^





After dual drive upgrade:


Just got this build to work
Currently testing still making sure everything’s running properly


Trucks and rims by MBS ^^
(Deck and bindings by Trampa)
(Motors and lipos by HK)
(Transmission Overion)
(The rest by AMadRide)
(ha… remote by enertion)

I love diversity !


So nice and clean build!
The heatsink box for the esc looks soo good.
Really nice made. The battery box too. Did you make the battery box by your own too?


Thanks Andy :relaxed:
Just the finish of the battery box (inside/outside).
It is an ip55 electric junction box (that met the needs of my mate/customer), I filled all the wiring entry holes (on 3 sides / 4) with 3D printing.
Then stratification and finishing CARBON POLYESTER blue.

For the cover, it is the same plus integrand 3d printing. All painted black satin with a graphics test … cause the fiber has moved a little and is not the cleanest :smile:

For the MADBOX, normally reserved for complete custom (it’s why I can’t share it, it’s kind of my signature), I will set up a small, very small GB regarding all the demand for them. Maybe around 3 or 4 pieces of fox and as much v6/escape case, to start and see how it goes (if I have the right to make one, … I must verify that!).
I’m looking for the best compromise actually, not to spend a month on finishes (hard arm work) and trying to keep a good price :wink:


You have the regular status, with it you allowed to do a group buy :wink:


Ho good to know, thanks ! :smiley:

I’m testing another way to make (a BIG) top mounted battery case/ enclosure - flexible - and a bit more integrated … but when you want more than 12s16Ah it’s a hard time :sweat_smile:


That’s right! I really need to work on a hot swap docking station. One thing for multiple purposes.
You can use different lipos in different sizes and you can swap them in just half a minute be releasing the straps and change the pack.


Exactly !
Like Duffman swapping pack … insane!

My next will be … a lot more complicated I think hahaha
But I have also try to those transmitter cases by Turnigy ^^


Yeah the duffman packs insane, but I guess i can’t do a so complex pack :sweat_smile:
Have too fat fingers for all the wiring :see_no_evil::joy:

Maaaan, how much builds you have???