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Massive sensored motor


Quick post before I take a break.

Just want to say that someone needs to make something with this beast of a motor:
MOTOR: 12090
KV: 180 140 130 80 50
MAX POWER: 15000W-18000W
ESC: 250/300A
SIZE: 120 x 90 ( without shaft )
Stator: 160 x 40mm
WEIGHT (kg): 2.835
SHAFT: 10mm


Where can i get 80mm outrunner or bigger?

Maybe a go cart?
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Psh, thats no fun :stuck_out_tongue:

I was thinking something like the bajaboard


Two of those and you could power a VW Karmannghia!! :wink:


Hey guys, sorry to be off topic but I’m new here and I can’t find the create new post button. I’ve tried using chrome and safari with no luck and I’ve read all the instructions too, a little help would be greatly appreciated!


no worries pm me and ill help u out


go to the latest section and it will be in the top right hand corner



u have to leave eboard electronics


much appreciated, thanks!


No worries bro
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I can see it now. World first tandem electric skateboard…with optional sidecar. One wheel drive. You should build it!


Look at this monster!!! Up to 60 kw! That’s like 80 horsepower and a shit ton of torque. I bet it drive a small car at least.



holy shit, i didn’t realize the true size of that thing :astonished: seeing someone actually hold that in there hand gives a lot of perspective


Does anyone have the price? I’d like to buy one :joy:


this belongs on a mountain board with 10" wheels. Or in my late 80’s pickup truck, which is comically small.



a bike. Maybe one of those chopper looking ones with the banana seat and fat back wheel. Slap a sprocket on this thing and lose the peddles. It would practically be a motorcycle.

I kind of want to do this… oh damn i’ve got it bad now don’t i lol