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You probably need to solve the wire as vibrations may make it come loose again


What would you recommend I do as a permanent fix? Will I need to redo the whole connector or just this one wire?


Sorry that was meant to say solder, if you can I would solder it back to the connector it came from. If not possibly solder all the wires straight to the vesc


Small update today, I ordered a Metr Pro which I’m going to love because I’m a stats kinda guy. Also going to buy a hot glue gun to secure all my connections as well as some thin metal strips to spread load across the entire enclosure flange rather than the 6 bolts this weekend. Hopefully that fixes the problem. Oh, 2 more bolts tore off the enclosure since last time lmao.


Like the lazy bastard I am I didn’t go shopping for what I needed. Alternatively Amazon is a good place to go.

I found a slim aluminum LED light protector that you run the adhesive light bars through for protection but had a great idea to use that as my load distributor. Once it’s screwed in I’ll run a strip of LED’s over the top to cover up the bolts. I’ll have to finda way to do so while being able to easily unscrew the enclosure at a later date. Here’s a side section of what I’m talking about. My only concern is that it would be too tall for the bolts I have now but that’s an easy trip to Lowes.

Cutting it in half I will have almost the perfect length for each side of the enclosure at just over 19" each


I had a mini heart attack yesterday evening on a ride when a phase wire came unplugged because it was too taught and pulled right out of the bullet connector. Thankfully everything still works after resoldering. I also hot glued canbus connections and power connectors because some began to loosen with all the vibrations.

Gonna go for a range test today!


So one of my motors has been making a rattling noise for a while. It still runs fine and I didn’t notice anything else going strange since it started doing this but I was hoping someone could help me understand what is going on without opening it up. Could be the bearing inside?


It’s a little hard to hear but the first things I would check would be bearings, no loose screws and if the magnets are intact


Got a light, thanks @accrobrandon

I need to redo my wiring, the enclosure barely fits over everything and won’t screw on, hence the dog leash lol.


I’m really having some trouble with the mount for this spotlight. I lost one bolt the first night due to vibrations but now they seem to stay in well enough with the power of red loctite. However now the nuts are being pulled from the aluminum groove in the light itself and the whole bracket falls off. I’m going to try to ride to class tomorrow night and will bring tools along with the to tighten it up as I go. For now I’ll leave it off the board and let the loctite set.


I finally got around to securing the enclosure properly. I used two thin aluminum rods designed for running RGB lights across walls to spread the load across the entire enclosure flange rather than placing all the stress on 6 nuts and bolts. They’re not exactly the same length but they’re similar enough to where I can grind them down a bit to match.

I definitely need shorter M5 bolts though lol.


After reinstalling my light I went for a test ride with both good and bad results.

The good: Light works well, just need to get blue loctite so I don’t have to tighten it each ride. It’s difficult to explain how different night skating is, it’s a whole different world full of fun.

The bad: Halfway through the ride one of my motors (the one that makes slight grinding/rattling sounds, presumably the bearing) started squealing. There’s more resistance when I turn it by hand. I think that bearing bit the dust. Time to open it up I guess, which I’m not looking forward to. Now I gotta buy a tube and claws! My money is slowly draining into a pile of tools I’ll use once or twice.



Yep, almost definitely a bad bearing. I’d check the wheel bearings first though before taking apart the whole motor.


Replacement bearings should be here by the end of the week and the gear pulling tool arrived today so I should be able to get back up and running after Thanksgiving.

On another note, this light infuriates me. Once again vibration pulled the mounting nut out of the soft aluminum body and left me stranded in the cold needing an uber because I couldn’t ride home.The mounting bolt is either too loose and vibrates apart, or it’s too tight and breaks free, no in between. Lately I have been using a single bolt because the light is so F’d up. I also can’t get the old broken bracket off it because I stupidly used red loctite.

So essentially a light that should be held on by two bolts is being secured by one, which bends the metal making it even harder to secure in the future. I’m going to have to figure out how to reshape this groove that is so deformed but I honestly don’t know how.

None of this would have happened if I didn’t lose a bolt on the first day I had it and thought it would be a good idea to run with a single bolt. It can’t support the light on it’s own it seems. Good thing I have extra hardware now I guess.


Buy a saddle clamp and bolt it to the top, problem solved


Bearings got here today.

I really should have cleaned my board before starting this lol.

First time I took off the wheels since I built it and roughly 600 miles down the road. Removing the wheel also removed the heat shrink from the ABEC prongs.

Removing the motor can reveals the shiny bits all as they should be.

All the magnets in the can look good.

This is the offending bearing. All i have to do is remove it and replace it with a fresh one. I ended up not needing the gear puller and large bearings but at least I’ll have them on hand for future maintenance. The only issue now seems to be my inability to remove this bearing. Looks like it need to pop out from the outside of the can but it’s really stuck in there. Even with a small tube that fits over the bearing from the inside lip and wacking down on the end with a small hammer didn’t pop it out. Perhaps a bigger hammer?


Try a bit of heat first, it might have a locking compound applied


The gear puller was useful after all. Also, I thought it interesting that the old bearing was SurfRodz branded. And yes, it is definitely seized. I couldn’t spin it without the leverage of the motor can.

New bearing is in. Now all I have to do is slide it back over the stator without a metal tube to make my life easy. Oh well, just gonna take some more time and frustration. That’s the whole point of building isn’t it? :stuck_out_tongue:


What bearing size?