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Loaded Vanguard 38" Flex 4?


Hey Guys!
Sorry for the quick question, but is this deck to flexxy for an e-board?
It’s for sale for 1/3 of retail on a second hand site hence why i’m considering it.


how much do you weigh


70kg, thanks :smile:

I know it’s within the specs for the board but not sure if it’s still ok for an eboard.


If you want to do a boosted style board with the separate enclosures, I assume it would be fine.


youll be A-okay.
I use a flex 3 vanguard on my daily driver and i weigh 220.


Thanks guys, looks like i’ll grab it :smile:
Not sure how to close this thread :stuck_out_tongue:


im 85 kilos with a flex 1 and i cant mount two 6s 5000 mah lipos on the bottom just so you know