Pre-Order Focbox Unity $249 | R-SPEC Drive Kit $579USD

Light portable cruiser- Single 190kv 6374- 12s2p- FOCbox- Abec 97s


Edit: dunno how to fix sideways pictures. Just tilt your head lol

I made this about a month ago and I’m just now getting around to making a thread. I already had two kickass boards; a dual 6374 on 12s and a build from @longhairedboy but I wanted something more portable. I knew about what I wanted, but I got some inspiration from @Randyc1 about the deck and grip job. It’s a modified funbox deck that I refinished. The enclosure is 1/8" abs that I vac formed. It has a 12s2p battery from @oriol360 and I have to say that battery is great. It’s super light and I still get 12-15 miles off of it. Top speed is 30-31 in good conditions with a full battery. It’ll do 27 all day long though. It weighs 15 pounds. The motor is a @torqueboards 190kv 6374. Pretty sure one of the magnets is loose but it’s not getting any worse so… I have seen some other younger builders state their age, so I guess I’ll say that I was 13 when I built this.

I also put venom bushings in the calibers- 44/50 split angle as well

Here’s the enclosure

And the drive train

Here’s the deck after reprofiling

And after refinishing

And here’s the final board.


Sweet deck man. How is the battery doing with range and speed?


I get about 12 miles and it’ll hold around 29Mph the entire time, and 31 when the battery is mostly full


very nice build bro!

how did you get those clean vertical walls so tidy when vac forming that 1/8" abs? I had a difficult time with it.


I got the abs super droopy and lowered it onto the vac form table super quickly, and I was using a hella powerful shop vac.


Simply stunning build! What stain or products did you use to achieve that finish? :heart_eyes:


Also interested on how to achieve that finish


@DanSkates @moon For the stain I mixed minwax red oak 215 and ebony 2718, and I used a clear gloss polyurethane finish. I did three coats, sanding 400 grit after the first, 0000 steel wool after the second, and not sanding after the third.


Thanks man, I have am going to do the same

I have already done the sanding+routing+1st layer now. I wish I took pictures but my phone is not working atm



What is the maximum voltage on the battery?

12 * 4,2V? Im building with the 6355 motor insted, dual…

Dont know if i should go with 10S or 12S my battery is at 3,65 nominal and max 4,2V LI ion


Max voltage is 50.4V


Finally took a pic of the internals:


How heavy are you and how did it to on hills? I’m looking to build a set up with 12s2p and a 6374 190kv for a college cruiser. What gearing did you use? Sweet build btw


I weigh about 125lbs and the steepest hill i have around me is about 16% grade, and it took me up it at about 1/3 charge, not just with a full battery, which I deem pretty good. I used a 16/40 gearing on 97mm abecs, which gives me good torque and about ~30mph.


I dig the wood stain finish.


Very nice. What do you estimate the total cost was?


i would say a bit north of $800ish