Landyachtz $100 mystery box


They are essentially a surfboard on wheels, they are tall and usually heavy with poor clearance for larger wheels,the tail is useless for kick tail maneuvers etc

I’m sure they have their merits which I either don’t know about or am too unskilled to work with and I do have one, a Sector 9 which even has a W concave but has convinced me I don’t want any more


Not so stable and look ugly imho :stuck_out_tongue:

plus + everything banjax said


@Blitz @banjaxxed

This is my favorite cruising/ carving board I’ve ever ridden. I own roughly 25 unpowered completes and have ridden countless more.


What did i miss?
Why do you think you’re getting all pintails


Because it is an option and they probably don’t sell as well and they might have more stock of it?


Probably be an evo flytrap, perhaps a carbon evo, a tugboat and maybe a woolfshark?


Cut them all up. Make a bench


I might have to make some new shelves.


wolfsharks make great boards, at least the older models


Pintails are a very impractical design that wastes a lot of space for no functionality.


Anyone got any tracking for their order??


I’m thinking about grabbing one of those


No tracking and I ordered Thursday evening. Hoping for tomorrow or Wednesday


Mine’s international and it mentioned tracking will be sent 3-4 days after order.


I got tracking url yesterday, ordered on Saturday


Unboxing pictures please gentlefolk


Dafuq landyachtz


Like you need more landyachtz stuff???


Haha couldn’t resist, to open the mystery box make me feel like a little kid on Christmas again. Will arrive tomorrow according to UPS


Post here with pics!