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Ha! When I finally get down to pressing my own you and Alberto will get the first ones :grinning:


You heard that Mike? :yum:



I did I did :slight_smile:


Had a bit of a lazy streak thru the holidays
( :tada: Happy New Year :tada: ), but I’m back at it now and this time with clothes on

Got an awesome Argonaut enclosure from psychotiller and modified it a bit to fit the curves of the deck

I cut lines that formed angled tabs out of the front and back that allowed the sides to flex inwards creating a slight concave that matched the deck. This compromised the seal of the enclosure but I will be resealing it with some silicone to close the gaps.

Also got to attempt threaded inserts for the first time

They turned out pretty well but were tricky to get placed exactly where they were needed. 2 of the 14 inserts ended up being slightly off enough that I’ll have to adjust the enclosure a bit to get the threads to line up. It’s fine for now since I just want to ride the thing, but those two missing screws are going to haunt me viciously until I deal with it.

Also I (mostly) covered the bottom of the deck with 1/16” neoprene to give the enclosure something to bite into. It will eventually be 100% neoprene on the bottom, but the first sections came out pretty rough looking so I may reconsider my approach before I finish it up

In other news I experienced the infamous cut outs of the dual fsesc 4.20 after changing my drivetrain from 15/36 on 110’s to 15/38 on 100’s. Not sure why but that small change must have put just enough extra strain on the hardware to throw a fault while climbing hills now. The settings were left unchanged so the only difference is the drivetrain. I’ve got my sights set on a Unity now, so hopefully I can get in on the next batch and remove the power bottleneck from the system


Well, two teeth difference by God knows how many revs (pulley turns) will certainly means some difference. from the 36T to the 38T you gain more torque and accelerated faster from 0. With the 110mm you stained more top speed but took longer to reach that… and reduced range. The 100mm gives you more range, no?


That’s true the faster acceleration might be causing it. I haven’t done any real range testing on it yet since I lacked an enclosure until now but I expect the smaller wheels would add a bit of range. I really need to find some better places to ride around San Diego because my immediate area is all dirt trails or rough streets full of angry or oblivious drivers