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Kegel and Abec push fit pulleys (not bolt through), who makes them?


I know this is not ideal, but does anyone here know if 12mm belts will work fine on 15mm wide wheel pulleys and 15mm wide motor pulleys listed here? Would there be too much movement? I’m just trying to avoid having to buy yet another set of belts if I don’t absolutely have to.


They should be fine.


@JLabs When the preorder went on I had asked you how much for a set of 2 and you had said 60 total so I preordered, but now its almost that for 1 pulley. Dude I cant afford $100 for just my pulleys, my wife already thinks I waste to much money on my hobbies I cant give her more of a reason to be right.




Pricey, but i’d say its worth it for the quality! Got two kegels for my dual drive, and one abec for my single drive. Thanks @JLabs!


I can refund the $10 you put down to pre order a while ago if you want.


This was when he did the preorder back in April.


What a time for the kiwi dollar to crash…


I believe that was for the bolt through old version was it not? They are not the same product, this is quite a bit more complicated.


Yeah might as well unless the code is not connected to me by name but just a unique code. I know you said everyone’s code was different. Because I don’t think I would be able to use them with my zealous built-ins. Plus I have 2 rings between the hanger and and bearing.


His old were $28 and he had confirmed 60ish for total back when he was talking about this in the pre order. I understand these are different but this was talked about in April when he did the pre order. I’m seeing if the code is tied to my account or just a unique code cause I can sell it to someone and he keeps the money that was used to do these.


Just to sure, these will also work on orangatang caguama as well right?