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Is this charger safe to use?


I’ve just finished my DIY build and I forgot to buy a charger for my 10s3p battery. I friend has a charger from a wowgo 2s that I can borrow, think it is safe because they also use 10s systems? Can someone please confirm, I have attached an image.

Also, probably a stupid question but do I need to have my loop key plugged in so the board is ‘on’ when charging? Or is it ok to charge without the loop key in?


If the chargeport goes straight to the battery you won’t need the loop key in. And yes any 10s li-ion charger will work. It should say 36v or 42v on the back


what he said… also if you need a charger I just got some 5amp and 8amp for 10s PM for details if interested… Im updating my thread shortly with new stock n prices thx!