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If you're making a shirt


Hey guys,

I love that everyone is working hard on branding their stuff and making shirts and clothing. Going to Vegas for the Esk8 Squad event was incredibly exciting for me and I really felt the strength of this community. My one frustration was that everyone was handing out shirts for their companies that I wanted to wear, yet out of maybe 20+ brands and makers only one person thought to bring womens t-shirts. Thank you @treenutter for thinking of us, have to do a call out for Red Ember specifically for that (didn’t get one cuz I left early but I’m going to get that when I get that deck Jamie!!).

Moving on why this is important to me is because I’m sure you have all found this is a male predominated sport and if not where is this town I can esk8 with a crew of my gals? :sweat_smile: It may seem trivial but making shirts for us makes us feel more included in what’s going on. The only way to get more women excited to board is to make it appealing to them and make us feel like a part of it all.

With that said I have 6 shirts I now have to take to someone to remake them to fit me which is money I could have used for board stuff :confused: Small things go a long way and we should be doing everything we can to get more girls riding!


I feel you on this but I will say my wife is a shirt maker and the unisex shirts are the only ones that are cheap enough for giveaways. Specific women’s shirts and specific styles of men’s shirts are twice the price for some reason. I guess we’re all plaster molds after all!


My wife says the same thing she wears my branded shirts and it fits her well even though it is a unisex but I totally get what you are saying. It is cheaper to do the unisex shirts but woman specific shirts would be a nice thing to have for the woman in the community or atleast a v-neck or a slim shirt shirt. This is making me think I about my shirts. I will say that most skate brands only do unisex shirts to include everyone very rare do you find a woman styled shirt.


It was honestly kind of frustrating, I want to throw on my brand support just like everyone else and not look like I’m wearing my dad’s giant shirt to bed :yum:


So you are going for the fitted look and not for the trash bag with arm holes. :laughing:




Haha, yes avoiding the trash bag with arms look :sweat_smile:


That was the look when my mom use to cut my hair in the kitchen when i was a kid hahaha


It was definitely the look back in the 80’s. Everything was oversized in the 80’s-early 90’s look at MC Hammers pants


@Lunasi awesome post! Yes to shirts of all shapes and sizes!

While we’re talking shirt sizes - can I get a shout-out for Men’s size Small!? I’m a small-framed guy and if I wear an L-sized shirt it has the “TBWA” (Trash Bad With Arms) look! I’ll pay for the shirts.


I definitely noticed that as well, even had I wanted a smaller shirt most were medium to extra large, also a great point Jamie!



I have gone some shirts for my wife as a one off type and if you look at the website anything with women’s style and a colored shirt is qty of 6. I think I may have found a shirt that is women’s/ladies 1 shirt with shipping is around $19.


That’s hilarious… My wife almost exclusively uses bella and canvas for women’s shirts. I have about 20 of those hanging in my front room. Craft season yo!


What we really needed is esk8 branded underwear. I’d be ok with only ladies undies being available because I like the way the velvet feels on my butt butt :ok_hand:


I like the way it feels on your butt as well :wink:


:sweat_smile::joy: I definitely won’t argue with cute clothes and bathing suits :blush:


Somebody mentioned swimsuit?


Jesus… i need to un see this


I have one of those hahaha. I’ll PM you later :smirk:


We forgot the reverse of the swim suit