I think I blew the Motor?



Hey guys so this is my first board and I think my motor blew up. So when I was switching my trucks to the right way I think one of the 3 motor wires disconnected and I tried to power it up and it just acted funky like just shaking itself going forwards and backwards only few inches each try. now I plugged it into my computer to boot up the bldc tool and the vesc still works its receiving a signal from the control the red light is going off when I give it power. Now it doesn’t even move the motor and I have a “bad connection result received detection failed” when I try to find the motor. Anyone have any ideas


Check the wires and make sure theirs connected. I had the same problem. The motor would shake back and forth not knowing what to do. The problem was a bad connection on one of the motor wires


all three are connected and solder is holding well.


You sure? Try reconnecting them all. I had the same problem and it looked like they were connected. After a while of the motor rocking it just stops.


I just got down re soldering it and the motor wont go. I’ll give it one more shot but they are connected well so it looks.