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How to make a chain shorter


Thx, Did you use it? Its working with iso 06B chain (I can find any info about what it could accept in it)
A good tool s around 40€ so your guy interessed me a lot !!!


Yes i used the one I linked.
It’s a bit triggy because I think it’s not made for this size of chains but it worked for me in the end. It was first time i used this tool and chains in general, so if you already experienced with removing the splint it could be an easy thing for you to use it.
I was afraid pressing the chain together instead of pressing out the splint. But there is no need to worry with it :sweat_smile:


I ordered this before

That didn’t work out.


ha ok, thanks Andy :wink:


@Riako I know you have a few chain drive builts. How did you manage to adapt your chain size without a chain link removal tool?


I was going to check with my local motorbike shop because if they could do it because if i need to order the link removal tool i will have to wait another week or 2-3…


I tried first the tool i said didn’t work out.
With it i just pressed the chain together.
Then I ordered the one which works.
Inbetween i wanted to get one chain repaired and for this I asked at the local bicycle shop.
They managed to help me for a small payment.
Shouldn’t be a big issue for shops like this shorten the chain.


I think i am gonna check with my bike shop also . My battery will come in wednesday together with some bolts , nuts etc that where missing for my built. I’ll order the working chain link removal tool from the link you guys provided later on.


I use a grinder ^^ and then a screwdriver to make leverage.

We did a mini-take off tuto with Yann :

Same system with a little “grinder” this time (AARG Google translate use Grinder for disqeuse and touret à meuler … sorry).


ok thanks for the info mate, the bike shop will be what i will try first if not possible i’ll order a chain link removal tool . Your tutorial is great but way too complicated for a guy with 2 left hands like me :slight_smile:


A vice and an angle grinder works great