How is your soldering setup?

I must’ve gotten lucky, that’s never happened to me. Not saying it couldn’t, I just try to keep the tip only on the wire I’m soldering without it touching the connector itself.

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It should not take that much heat to solder a wire to the xt90 connector. If your melting the connector you may have to much heat in the pen. I would try putting a little solder on the top of the pen and then tin the tip of the wire that should eliminate the amount of heat it take to make a good solder joint.

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It’s not that fast but 300w is fairly quick.
I believe the faster you can solder a joint the better.
Keeping the heat effected zone as small as possible.

I don’t use XT connectors.
I only use 5.5 bullets on my builds.
Less bulk and I like to keep pos and neg wires separated as much as possible


My wife knows this of me all too well :neutral_face:


:joy: You sir are man enough to admit that.

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50000 solders if used below 400c.

Always leave solder on the tip when you turn it off as it prevents the iron coating on the tip from oxidizing. Use tip tinner after you clean with a sponge or mesh. Don’t use abrasives.

I’ve had tips last 10+ years…

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I bought a cheaper one, it broke, then I still bought a Weller. Just get a Weller from the beginning and save yourself the money.

A straight up 40w soldering pencil will always burn tips up because they have no temp control and they just keep heating the tip hotter and hotter.

You need a soldering station that maintains tip temperature and keeps it from overheating.

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Get a new iron, I have that aswell, it always happens to just be that one 40w weller. Not even my 13 dollar amazon iron shows wear like that

My existing crappy iron broke (foreground) so it was time to upgrade! :grin:


Nice upgrade!

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mine has beer and tunes, lol

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My whole business is tucked away in the corner of my apartment :joy:


000,000w Cold welded gas tight crimp…

Good for 10, 8, 6… AWG


My dining room table doubles as a soldering station. My Hawaii house is to small and the garage only has room for motorcycle crap.


Lab setup.



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@squishy654 Beer is often needed! :smiley: To keep us from swearing, and numb the pain from burns!

@ThermalM16 what kind of fume extractors are these? :slight_smile:

@Cobber That tool looks interesting, could you please explain how it woorks?

@E1Allen I do that sometimes as well. I am the only one that thinks it is a good idea though :sweat_smile: My garage can also only just barely fit my old FIAT 850 Coupe - I get nervous every time I park it :neutral_face:

It’s good to get some inspiration from all your pictures, thanks!! :smiley:

10 ton hydraulic crimp tool. Creates cold welds through pressure.
more reliable than solder for high current connections, to the point where is Au soldered terminals do not make code.

all comes down to how much current you are handling…

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So I have two. I wanted to buy a real fume extractor to minimize the amount of death I breathe in, but I don’t have the money for that yet.

The one on the left is

And the one on the right is

Honestly, these things aren’t the greatest and they only claim to filter like 80% ish of the chemicals going in the air. I have an air purifier I run for several hours after soldering to try and minimize the amount of chemicals floating around in my apartment.

Between the two of them, I like the Xytronic one more, but you’d be better off buying 2 or 3 of the cheap aoyue one since using only one doesn’t pull any smoke away unless it’s on top of what you’re soldering.

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