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High Power 10s Lipo Battery Pack with BMS


Nope haha
I really mean my BMS automatically turns on the moment I plug in my charger. I don’t have to touch my e-switch at all!

Then, when I unplug the charger I can see the voltage dropping because of the indicator wired in between and the whole systems turns off.

Before I bought the BMS I read I had to switch on the board before plugging in the charger. Forgot that once and my board magically turned on!

Really like it this way. Now I can spot across the room if it is done charging :ok_hand:


The bms only appears to turn on when you plug in the charger because the charger supplies power to the output side of the bms.
This is why your Vesc turns on and your meter lights up.
You still need to manually turn the bms on to charge or it will not work correctly.


Definitely gonna check that out!
I thought I shorted some things which caused it to not charge over 69%…
Fingers crossed what you describe is the culprit!


@Namasaki I think I will copy your battary/bms system for my first build. Will this BMS work with an 8s pack too?
I would love to start with 8s and upgrade to 10s later on (need to cut cost).

Thanks for all your work in this forum, your replies have helped me out a lot already! :slight_smile:


You will need to get an 8S BMS, unless you use the @raphaelchang BMS which is adjustable IIRC.


Ok thank you!


Ayyy! I’ve used those same styled hard case batteries (4S1P) for my Duce

12S1P + onboard charger


Hi Namasaki,

What about this BMS?
Heard from from a guy from Belgium this one costs around 30 euros a piece while the D223v1 costs about 50 euros.

Would love your opinion or maybe you can shine some light on why this BMS isn’t as expensive as the D223V1.
That 10amp discharge difference does not bother me


Looks ok to me. It appears to have a built in E-switch but they don’t say so I would ask them to make sure.


The guy who referred me to this BMS has ordered these before and confirms it has an e-switch.


I’d say go for it then.
It’s a good deal at the price you mentioned.
An external E-switch alone would cost more.


I was a little stunned because of the price difference and the little specs difference there is.
Only main differences are:
-max discharge

All others are adjustable.

Only reason for this price difference I could think of is the manufacturing since it is not a “sandwich bms” and the slightly lower discharge level


The D223v1 seems to have better heat sinks but that might not be an issue.


Not really I guess. Though I can recall the D223V1 warming up my enclosure.
Nothing extreme but definitely warm


I’ve never noticed that running 10s.
Are you running high regen current?
Batt min.
I run my total Batt min at -20a
Or -10 per Vesc.


Oh forgot to mention: later I discovered one of my 2s packs had started to swell slightly (the one closest to my BMS) so I think that is where the heat came from. Not sure though.
Will look into the packs this weekend

Batt max is set to 40
Batt min is set to -10


Looks good


am looking to purchase this BMS, What overcharge/over discharge voltage setings would be appropriate?

I will be using a similar battery setup as used in this thread.


I went with the factory default on over charge 4.28v
and the highest available setting for over discharge 3.0v


Hey man, thanks heaps for this post. I just finished my first build following your build. I hope to find someone with a computer so I can set it up. Thanks again for such a detailed build log and answering everyone’s questions. Cheers