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High Power 10s Lipo Battery Pack with BMS


Hey guys!!! I’m planning to build a battery pack inspired on those. I’m in canada for what I have been looking is harder to get parts specially battery’s, shipping cost is crazy plus duty’s.

VESC is 60A max so do you think 60A bms is safe? I already went down trought all thread and you guys are using 80A bms.

This on amazon are good deal for me, free shipping. Any thoughts?


I have not personally used Gens Ace but I have read that they are good quality.
A 60a bms should be fine for discharge.
Other important factors are short circuit protection and balance current. Some bms’s offer up to 126ma balance current while others can be as low as 42ma
Also important to know that most bms’s have an over discharge detection of 2.8v per cell which is fine for Li-ions but too low for Lipos.


I’lol go with those. HobbyKing shipping doesn’t worth it. Didn’t knew that, still don’t know which bms will pick. Where did you get your voltage indicator? I got one similar but only shows me percentage


I went with this from Aliexpress:

10S 80A active bms 2017 new Li-ion smart bms pcm with android Bluetooth app UART correspondence bms wi software (APP) monitor

It’s still in the mail…


There is a mod you an do to make it display voltage


Looks interesting with the app. Do you know if there is a 6s version?


Will try to do it. Voltage reader is must have if bms only cuts off at 2.9v.
You said usually only discharge to 3.6v? Why? Is it better for battery’s? Can’t you go to 3.2?


Nope, the fun begins at 10s! (And goes to 30s.)


With Lipos, the less you drain them the better.
This is probably true for Li-ions as well although they can go lower than Lipos.
The thing is that unless every cell is perfectly matched including internal resistance, they will not discharge evenly. So if your monitoring total pack voltage instead of individual cell voltage while discharging, you should allow a margin of safety.


…Let’s say that someone did something inadvisable like buying five 15-30c 5.2a lipo (like these), would adding a cap pack (like this…) be able to make up the c rating?

(…Or at least discourage puffy batteries T_T)


The GensTattu’s are said to be good quality.
And using a Capacitor pack is something that I have not tried but it sounds like a good idea.
@PatRocks is using a cap pack with Tattu Lipos.
Maybe he can check in and give his opinion.


The batteries you choose will have pros and cons, and in many cases, the deciding factor is cost (don’t make that mistake). For me, as well as @Namasaki the decision to go LiPo is discharge capability. As you may already know @Lospalaz the C-rating of a lipo is the manufacturer’s claimed max. sustained-current output without causing damage to a cell’s chemistry. Depending on how you ride, you may very easily exceed 78 Amps at times, but probably not often. If you are planning on smaller capacity packs, GO HIGH C-RATING, or wish you had later.

A capacitor pack will not mitigate voltage-sag, at least not for any sustained period. They are more for smoothing out the current spikes associated with switched DC motors (brushless motors). The Cap-pack you linked above is the one I bought, and it’s awesome. It will increase performance, but not necessarily in a way that you will feel. What it WILL do is increase the life-span of your ESC, clarify your RF signal, look awesome, and give you more instant-power!

So my opinion: Capacitors? - get some! 5200mAh 15c LiPos? you should reconsider, but they may be suitable for you…



slumps forward in chair, holding head in hands
"B-but they were on sale, and they look so nice in my bookshelf as I wait patiently for other parts of my eboard arrive"

Agh. The manufacturer’s claimed constant is 15c and max discharge is 30c. I’m going to trust it (#famouslastwords) and see how a hill-climb goes.

As for the capacitors, I’ll let that be the next upgrade!


Oh my bad, I didn’t realize you already have them😅
They’ll be good batteries for sure! I like them crazy as hell, and forget that’s not for everyone. Or necessary lol. Are you doing a single motor?

At the very least, those tattu batteries will last a long time. They have a great reputation for quality


Okay, battery manufacturer with stellar reputation, check.

Dual motor build. (Do not tell me that my highly-regarded batteries are not okay for a dual motor build…! T_T)


You’ll draw the same amount of power each way, with dual motors each does half the load


Wrapped up in battery paranoia I completely forgot about that =P. Okay, I’m much better than I was 8 hours ago, thanks!


With dual drive, each motor/vesc handles 1/2 the wattage needed however the maximum wattage potential is theoretically doubled.
This allows you to climb steeper hills with dual motors.
If you fear that your battery can’t handle the potential maximum then all you have to do is reduce the battery max amps setting in the Vesc tool.


About that…
I bought this. dual esc from diyeboard.

(I… I told myself that I wanted simplicity… T_T)

But I’m sure my batteries can handle the amps.


Thanks for your tips!! Already got the batteries will buy bms and try to connect everything together, let’s see how it goes, I’m dummy when it comes to batteries