Help about Gear


Guys I need help about gear. I try to make my own gear with 3d printer but I couldn’t. Is there anyone want to help me ? I have just one day beauce it is my homework, I have to give tomorrow night.

My board
My motor


Really don’t mean to sound rude but don’t procrastinate and then ask for people to do your work. @idea makes mounts and sells them because he worked his ass off perfecting and updating them. I doubt anyone on here is going to just share those files with you. Someone released files for matrix II trucks for free. Also if you just use the search function it can be very helpful and you can find roughly 80% of the info you need.

You use ATS 12 trucks and they have a weird mounting shape (almost like a tear drop). Good luck, I have the same board.


I didn’t procrastinate bro. I try I tried lots of gears but they didn’t work so I ask to people maybe some have some 3D object and I can’t buy them because in my country nobody sell this items. I bought most of things from USA when I was work and travel.


Ah you are Turkish! I will be extra nice then as my dad was born there. So you are looking for the part that mounts to the stock wheels correct? (they are white, fivestar hubs from MBS) e63199523613f54ae4eeb6e3476f09be963dcd3c_1_515x500%20(1)
Top right in photo


I need 3D gear. I printed motor mount but when I print gears one time but they were the wrong dimension. actually, they were true but I didn’t think about trucks shape:sweat_smile: so now I need 2 gears to connect motors and wheels. There are 57mm between center points of gears when I use Inventor. it always created very small 2 gear .


The ordinary thing to do is to check thingiverse?


If that’s not what you looking for than check out thingiverse. There are a lot of good things already ready for download