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Hazard > Hummie Deck & Hubbs, x2 FocBox, 12s4p 30Q (charge only) battery, Hoyt Puck remote



Any updates on your settings and your bushing setup? Are you sticking with the stock bushings? And how did you mount your enclosure? Thanks


I haven’t changed anything, it’s perfect :grinning:.

I’m running 60 motor amps and 60 battery amps with -60 breaking

This is my bushing setup

To mount the enclosure I used 4mm inserts with 4mm socket button head bolts and stainless fender washers.


Great detail as always thank you Mr Maner, I will be cogging some notes on the Hummie setup as a baseline, maybe drop the brakes a little for me


I didnt see it back in the thread but switching the foc frequency to 30k will make it really quiet.


Why is quiet a thing? I love the fact my latest thing screams. Seriously on full strap it sounds like twin turbines are having a party back there. Why is quiet better?


I like the sound it makes 30khz, it’s almost star wars :grinning:


To each their own but you should try 30k just to hear it.


Suggestion for a deck to be electrified by @mmaner (if not already done) :slight_smile:


That’s kinda awesome, where did you find that?


Ill look it up this evening iam not at home at the moment. This one is also funny


At first I thought it was yours :blush:


I found it, google image search :). Both of those are cool. Ive seen the furry one before, it looks neat but I cant imaging actually riding it then going home and having to wash its hair :).


What is that dude in Alabama that makes those crazy custom boards?


Naw, its this guy…

Your thinking of Good guess tho.


Bear walker does some insane cnc boards. But that hair/beard is insane on that deck from mr bingo. That took some serious time.