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Ground Up E-Freeboard | Custom Control Algorithm: Dual VESC | Dual, HUB 2200W 150KV Motors | Work In Progress |


That is such a fucking asume project!!! I am just figuring out my first project. But sadly what you are Foing is so over my level. Hope you get the time to get your board up and running, and having a blast and feedback to the comunity in how to tune such a fun monster :smile:

And i really need to start undeatranding the concep of freeboarding. This is so going to be my next project.

Wounder how breaking will work…


If you want to brake on a freebord, you usually just do slides. That‘s what they are made for, snowboard-like feeling.


Makes sence! Probably a to stupide thing to comute, do the you would probably do not want to break with a slide or Carve in tight lanes…


Mannnnn this is tiiiiiiiight. That looks like way less maintanance then the pulley motor from leiftech. 30mph will be tiiiiiiiight. I’ve been sitting here trying to figure out how to convert a freeboard to electric. Looks wayyyyy more complicated then I have the smarts for. I’m a stay posted.


Hello everyone, sorry to dig up that project, but is it going !?
Any feedback ? pictures ?
I want to see everything :wink: !
Cheers all


Is leifboard patent and can you even make something like this? I would like to see a new improvement… I have a leifboard by the way.


Is the baseplate for the G3-r hanger done i need a pair.