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Well you cant be sure still with just a power switch. Maby the antispark fails or the button stop working. If you want to be 100% sure you need a XT90 key


Not that this really matters but out of interest please. Will these bulk ship after production or go out in waves? My two Unity orders are separated by a month (@Deodand is an asset). Just want to know if they will come at the same time or be staggered?


We will try to do the biggest batch possible, assuming there is no issue during manufacture, we could have all the pre-order out before end of December.

For the first time in the history of enertion everything is on schedule. :crossed_fingers:




I actually lol reading that.


Thought the initial deadline was november?


@nuttyjeff The shipments should start in mid-November, think he means all 1000 out by the end of December.

@Jc06505n A battery LCD would also work as an indicator if power is up or not. I’ve been using the push to start with my Unity raptor 2, it’s quite convenient. The threshold for turn on is dependent on the boards max speed. The raptor 2 no-load speed is about 33-35 mph and it takes a nice firm/sustained kick-push to get it to turn on. A few mph for a couple seconds, so I’ve never had trouble with accidental turn on in the trunk or anything like that (granted it would just auto-turn off again after the timeout period). Pretty nice to throw the board down, flip on my remote start kicking and go as soon as remote connects.

We’ll know for sure once our first batch is out (quantity will help the statistics) but the switches seem bulletproof, we did 58V rapid on/off switching with added load capacitance on our production units and it survived all the abuse. We haven’t been able to break any of our switches yet on the latest batch. I even accidentally nuked one of my units with no case/no conformal during testing when a metal shaving shorted a bunch of stuff and the switch on that shorted unit still works. Earlier on we were using a design similar to Vedder’s anti-spark switch and it was having intermittent problems, the new high-side switch is seemingly more robust.

The new remote will be the next big push. The release date will just depend on how many of our somewhat ambitious goals we leave on the table for the remote. We’ll start sharing stuff once we are further along in the process, most of my focus has been on the unity firmware and app.


The unity has push to start ?


Yes, can be disabled in the app if desired.


Cant wait, just ordered 5 more :kissing_heart:


I can guarantee by mid November we will have production running, we will have finished goods in hand as we will be there in person to observe it happen.

The people who ordered first will most likely see tracking numbers come 3rd & 4th week of November.

The reality is it takes time to process orders, the factory that makes the PCB isn’t responsible for shipping, they need to send the goods to our fullfiment warehouse, they need to sort it and pack it and then send to the freight forwarding company.

Even if we begin Shipping in mid November most people who didn’t order on day one will probably get the stuff early in December.

On average the entire process takes 10-14 days.


when I pre-ordered oct 7th the little online enertion support 'Help guy" at enertion webpage was telling me they probably shipping in November ? ??
Im building my new board since than - everything is ready , cables are still warm from soldering - the only part is missing ’ THE UNIT" its super hard to wait. So is late November realistic or December?


i would count for December…if it will come more early you will be as min happy!
if you wait for late November and it will come only in January you will be disapointed


I saw this coming too, so I bought 2 flipsky 6.6 vescs in one of their sales. They’re independant so hopefully I can sell them on or use them in another build once done, and ill have 3 extra months with a board :slight_smile:


read the comment i made directly above yours, its pretty clear, no?


It’s pretty clear to me that no one will receive theirs in November 2018 yes.

Anyone else unclear about that?


Enertion set the standard with FOCBOX that following laws is optional.


Any chance you could summarise why you think enertion is breaking laws in regards to focbox? I’m genuinely interested. I’m no legal expert and know very little about software, but I understand you are pretty knowledgeable on the legal implications of open source software.

The reason your post confuses me is kinda summed up by these two things…

“4. In consequence we do not believe in public forks that are only a fraction different to the official release, with some added features that do not consider the greater picture! It is not good for the community and the project itself to release such software to the general public elsewhere.”

From: https://vesc-project.com/Ethos

From: https://www.enertionboards.com/focbox-speed-controller/focbox-unity-dual-motor-foc-controller-esc/


yes, its clear now . thanks


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