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@Deodand has convinced me to buy this product through cool and calm discussion under fire from this sometimes pretty harsh community, despite the pathetic opening post hype marketing and bullshit proceeding this project (which was a huge turn off). He’s proven his ability and knowledge and he’s active on this topic and the whole forum in general.

Perhaps we should try keep things on topic and allow Jeffrey to answer the questions hes qualified to answer.



Agreed, pretty much the only reason I bought a Unity. Appreciate the professionalism.


Are Vesc designers swaying from revealing the design as required? Seems flipsky hasn’t been and wondering if u will be not revealing the info too?


I agree. I met Jeff and Charles at the Renegade weekend and I had the chance to put my hands on the Unity. It is very compact and the specs have convinced me, too. Can’t wait to actually put one to the test!


Just got back from renegade weekend in Vegas last night. Was a blast to meet a bunch of different builders from the forum. A ton of good discussions/ideas from the time spent there. I rode a raptor 2.1 with unity production sample inside for the weekend (minus the new deck), really put some stress on it, towed someone back full throttle and rode fast and crazy through desert trails. Several people had overheating issues with their boards in the desert but the unity held strong.

This week @Blasto is visiting san diego so we will have some meetups to do further testing/analysis on the production sample units and refine the testing process for the test jig to ensure every unit(y) we ship is as close to perfect as possible.

Getting to the point now where the Unity app and firmware need to be finalized within the next two weeks, and then we’ll put up links to the repos on the product page.


I’m not sure anyone really said this but the Unity is the coolest looking esc!

The only options we have right now for cool looking vesc’s is with an aftermarket CNC heat sink housing.

It’s actually more of a selling feature for me than its power handling performance because I don’t need even 50% of what it can handle at the moment. Don’t tell anyone I said that. :flushed: But I always need my board to look more cool :sunglasses: / sexy :high_heel:


I got to see one when they were in NYC and damn its amazing, The way it does motor detections is awesome too.


Exactly the same, his replies have been really helpfull and I love that he actually explains the reasons around design choices. As an electronics students it’s really cool to hear an experienced professional answer questions :smiley:


Will be at our PCB factory in 10days to begin production.

Note: first batch is pretty much sold out, probably 20pcs left, next batch due late January, or March.


Is this the production color of the silicone? I would assume it will be enertion blue or ninja black.


Holy crap this looks slick, very cool , can not wait to have it in my mailbox than .( I pre-ordered already)


Bring it on!


Damn, what a pity to shove that in an enclosure - almost tempted to let it dangle outside. Looks so good! :wink:


You can remove the cover if you want, we have applied conformal coating on the components/PCB so it is better protected from debris etc.

However for the best protection having it enclosed inside this silicone case will mean it’s is very well protected.



I am sure most of us are already informed or already know but there is an extra space there for your new upcoming remotes to add in the Unity. Is there an ETA on that or is it due for later 2019?


I am also interested in next gen remotes. Meanwhiule, can someone explain “push to start” ? Can I ditch the power switch and set the FOCBOX up to start when pushed? Then it turns off with inactivity? How does that work exactly. Thanks


Exactly, that’s how it works haha


So the power switch is not connected at all. You push a bit and it turns on. Then you can program the inactivity timeout I guess. I am guessing it can sense both wheels moving? Wont turn on unless a real push on both wheels? Thanks


I see this a lot when people talk about push to start. Why on earth would you want to abandon an important indicator that something is wrong with your board? Even Diyboards , some of first to start with this feature, left the power button on despite having such a feature. The power switch is you’re only for sure way to confirm your board is turned off in the event that the boards auto shut off feature isn’t working.

The Power switch is your friend , stop trying to get rid of it.