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Yeah I want to hear this from him.

Hex bench tested it with no load not in some enclosure, and he pulled the video before it could show if it would thermal throttle to like 30a.

Basically I want to know is the focbox-unity just an ESC with some tweaks and a better heatsink.
Or is it some amazing ESC that pushes more power and creates less heat while running.


The test @hexakopter performed was with a motor using the open loop command, 80A load.


Here’s another one testing the switch.

Pilled up 4 more 570uf caps to increase the inrush current with a 14S battery


Eh, now it looks too good to be true now :joy:


Those add on cap won’t be on the final product… :crazy_face:.



what kind of data could we read or control from UART interface?

There is a new law in my city for this kind of vehicles. We need lights and horn.
I was thinking to change my ESC with the Focbox Unity, and add some buttons in my remote for that functions. For that, I need to receive some BT commands in UART to connect it to an arduino controller.

Any one know how does it work?

Thanks in advance.


If the firmware is anything like the VESC you can do everything you would do from USB from uart, so everything really


Does anyone have information re. how this will work with DieBieMS? Like in terms of the switch (since they both have one)? Any information would be appreciated!


You can easily make an “always on” connector for the unity by simply shorting the two input pins of the momentary switch. This will be outlined in the included datasheet/manual.

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Ofcourse! how could i not think of that?! Another question that you could perhaps help with. The build in Bluetooth module, would that be compatible with the Metr software? Or will their module still be required?


The thermal performance of the Red beta units is very impressive! But it looks like they are a full CNC aluminum case with more thermal mass then the production unit. Probably not a big deal, but something I thought was strange. Makes the beta unit look like it has an optional upgrade installed. :wink:

Edit. most of the heat is dissipated out the bottom side as far as I understand it? Which still have a full size heatsink.




hello @Deodand could you please answer about the Metr module ?


I would assume that it would work. The current Raptor 2 uses the HM10, I wouldn’t think that they would reinvent the wheel for the unity…but who knows!?


@lrdesigns Ummm, that’s ORANGE. How dare you :laughing:. Definitely was a concern when we swapped so we made sure the total mass of aluminum was the same. We were planning on die-casting the all aluminum case (milling that shell is prohibitively expensive for this complex piece) but the lead times would have delayed the launch >2 months. So after a lot of ideas thrown around in late-night vid-chat meetings we decided to go for a 3 piece case. 2 pieces that can be milled and a silicone over-shell for protection. @Blasto performed the same 80 amps testing that @hexakopter did a couple days back with the new case and the thermals aren’t noticeably changed. I’m working to add data-logging to our app so we’ll post some plots soon.

One final note is that the new case feels super premium. We will have a unit to show off in Vegas next weekend, can’t wait for people to get hands on feel for it.

@Itsmedant you need a BT module with special FW unlock to use metr. @FredXanadu we did explore this avenue but its looking like we won’t be able to support any kind of metr functionality with the onboard BT module. Would have blown our budget beyond what we had left (we are already a bit over for various reasons). The unity will still be compatible with their modules if you want to use their app.


Any idea of Final weight of the unit?


Its roughly 300 grams. I’ll weigh my production beta when I get back in my lab.


Thanks! Any other notable feature you’df like to mention over dual focboxes? or do we need to wait for official release?


@Kug3lis level of backtracking guilt can be measured in smilies.


Could you tell a little bit more about this data logging thing ?:grinning:


Made a quick video of the case for those interested (weight is 250 grams):

Regarding data logging I’m only making my first baby-steps here logging all incoming data to a file. The end goal wil of course be forum integration/plotting of your data sets but we are a long way off of that and we have bigger challenges to address before we get there.