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EMTB 12s6p SK3 149kv Focbox build (ALMOST DONE) VIDEOS


Looks like 9"-5/16 do you agree?


I’ll confirm when I get home from class tonight around 8:30ish
But I would say 9/16 maybe
If it’s a little to long I could atleast grind some off right ?


Yeah ok, remember it inside to inside from your pic it’s right on the 5/16 between 1/4 and 3/8 if i’m reading it wright.


Should we do 9/32 to be safe lol


Yeah if that’s what you wan’t.


To confirm, it is 5/16 so let’s go with that
And my motor is in the middle of the mount


Working on those crossbar today at 9" 5/16


Hell yea. Pm me what I owe you.
Dude it’s bouta look hella dope with those cross bars especially that I took the stickers off the motors
CHROME :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck: lol


I’ll pm you tomorrow.


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