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Eight (8) Never used Venom 18.5V, 5S 50C 5000mah LiPO batteries for sale



Hi, hope this isn’t considered spam, I’m an RC multicopter guy who has eight (8) Venom 18.5V, 5S 50C 5000mah LiPO batteries for sale on Ebay. There isn’t much demand for 5S LiPOs in the RC universe, but some guys at /r/multicopter mentioned that eskate guys commonly use these 5S batteries to use as is or to tear them apart (much respect for you if you do that!).

I’m selling them for $75 each (edit: lowered price to $49 each) on Ebay, which is way lower than any other comparable battery I’ve seen:



four of these in a 10s 2p config would be just nasty at 370 watthours. Especially with a 10s capable balance charger and a custom charging port.

I’m pretty sure you’ll find a buyer somewhere on here. Many of here ain’t skeered of tearing into a cell pack.


Hey thanks for the reply! I just lowered the price to $49 per battery just to get these out of here.