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Awesome work man, can’t wait for my black direct drive kit to arrive :slight_smile:

Do you have any recommendations on specific APS 63mm motors to go with the kit?

Sensors seem like they’d be handy to have but I’m concerned that they’re usually not waterproof and I might end up frying the sensors/VESC’s when riding through puddles etc?


Great work man, shop looks good! Man I can’t wait to get my black drive…I keep checking tracking every few hours lol.


Looks awesome Jenso! Lovin’ the colors :star_struck:


What you wanna do brother with around 700KV ? EDIT : 520KV still HIGH
I fittet the SSS56114 on a Flame Truck with a Chaindrive, i doubt that it can be done on the Direct Drive… of course it could with an extendet Truck (-;

Would be such an great Event, i guess wee will have a Mastership again this year, its only around half the world buddy… common (-:

Tanks Michael, hope it arrives soon!
APS 6484 - 170kv is a killer, but also the 74mm length is great…
With sensors you will have more possible failure points, but also more ride comfort.

Hehe yeah i hope for fast delivery, done my best to get it out fast… damn postoffice had to do their best too (((-:

Bro, nice to read from you…
Thanks, me too they match that nice…
add some colour to your ride :rofl:

Thanks to everyone for support.
Share the passion.


nice shop man! :heart_eyes:

love the anodized direct drives, whole new level of sexyness! :grinning:

where is the ronin stuff though?!?


Hey you are alive, nice to read from you
Thanks Brudi, great you like it

I have to produce a new batch, i dont managed with all the other stuff and NoRoof storys the last time :rofl:


There is a 380kv…
I’m doing a build now with a 850kv, 8s, spur gears… I have a mate who already has one running of similar spec. so it can be done :wink:

But I am looking fwd to trying out FOC & sensor-ed on my eMTB

yeah bru, if you don’t come up with some goods soon I might have to buy some mounts from Chaka! :rage:

If it turned out I could run duel rear, one in front & one behind on stock ronins that would be :sunglasses:


True why not… just was curios that you now talked about an Inrunner and before the Scorpian…
You know i´m playing around with Inrunners as well Brother…

About the Ronins, i will do a new batch, maybe with some changes… we could discuss (-;

But i really have to say absolutely “jealous free” that @chaka mounts for the Ronins are an unbelievable masterpiece… the Mount with the beared pulley and all features is Killer … RESPECT


yeah, finned and all. Nice and thick. It is all in the details.
They are choice kit :kissing_heart:
By a long way you and him are making the best designed mounts IMHO

But I’m not sure if they will mount infront & behind. I asked him about it and he tried to push me towards duel diagonal… I don’t like the torque steer…


From what I’ve heard, Ronin is discontinuing their last generation cast trucks and switching over to making cast version of their new Katana design. And…apparently from what I’ve seen, they’ve shortening it so the longest one their going to offer is 174mm and not 180mm like the old one.

I sure as heck hope I heard wrong though…

EDIT : its now 165mm…not 174mm…


I dont think that there is much of torque steer at the Ronins but i understand …

Thats not the best news… :hushed:
But in the End the Truck is to short for Dual Motors anyway…
Or you extend the Axle like @Titoxd10001

Wanna thank @Trampa for quick delivery of new Infinity Hangers!!!

Already machined the contact areas… back in stock in the shop :



Uploadet some video Instructions for mounting the Direct Drive

Dont fall asleep… but maybe it will help someone

Hang Loose


adjustable with 2 x 5mm spacers 144mm-154mm & 164mm-174mm (ronin katanas).


Not for the cast ones they’re releasing later this month. Their prolites are adjustable though, which is where you got that data from.


No they are not the old prolites, they are the new katanas. The impression I got is the cast will be the same from when I had emailed Tony.


I was referring to the katana prolites.

According to their website, the cast katanas are going to be different from the old cast trucks.

Doesn’t really matter in the end, Jens already stated that his mounts can’t fit dual rear motors on ronins. Would have to look at other mounts that are of a thinner profile than Jens’.

EDIT : Scratch that, might be possible to do dual rear…but will have to remove the idler, use 9mm belts and XX54 motors…


Hey Riderz

Really proud to present the new MINI Direct Drive
Put so much passion in this, hope you like it

Mixxed Colour Options also possible… feel free to comment

Hang Loose


These drives are finest esk8 porn, love it! :heart_eyes:

Are the normal direct drives still the best (most bulletproof) choice for 8" offroad MTB?

Beside the fact that you need lower kv motors the only disadvantage I could imagine is maybe more wear on the wheelspur due to less teeth and more force on teeth because of 1:4 gearing (and no upgrade to 80mm motors possible).



Yap still would prefer a Regular Direct Drive for pure MTB use.
Higher Gear Ratio, stronger housing.
As you pointet out no 80mm Motors with the Mini.
I dont think that you will regocnize any “more” wear on the Mini.

I see the Mini for all Hybrid Builders… the mix of Street and Offroad… also if you plan to use mainly 7inch for commuting i would definitely choose the Mini Drive… on 7Inch you alredy got around 40mm ground clearence


Today I received this parcel and instantly fell in love with these beauties :eye: :clap:
I need to have a serious talk to my girlfriend or is it no cheating when I love and touch them? :laughing: