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Rich: Hrhr baby, i love it how your gears mesh :sweat_drops::sweat_drops:
Gf: What???
Rich: What?
Jens, awaking a few hundred km away for a reason he does not know: what



Sometime i wake up with lots of anadozised parts around me and i dont know where i am :sunglasses:


This must be heaven :laughing:
I just remind everyone today is Valentine’s Day and you should show some love (I’m done)


Are you planning to mount it to your board or are you just staring at it for a few more days? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I prefer staring at it for a few more days :joy:
The weather is bad and my board is not 100% finished


When do you use Infinity and when Vertigo?
Only a price thing?


Infinity is just the strongest Badboy outthere… for MTB i prefer them…


Fantastic shop and products. Great work.

What are the pros and cons of each setup (Belt, Chain or Direct Drive)? I imagine Belt is quiet but less efficient and belts can get damaged. Chain is similar but bullet proof and chains don’t stretch. Direct Drive is noisier but more efficient, bullet proof and responsive?

What would you recommend for a street / urban carver? Would you recommend something different for an off road mountain version?

Many thanks.


@Nowind I saw it once before. But I can’t find it now. What oil/lubrication do you recommend for my direct drive


Thanks Gary, glad you like it.
Belt is great for Streetsetups, also Offroad with dry dirt is absolutely okay IMO… you get problems with a unsealed belt in wet and muddy conditions… autumn europeen woods are full of fallen leaves and mud and will kill your belts fast…

Chain is not that silent like a belt, but fully offroad compatible, smaller interference contour to the ground caused due the smaller width of the chain… if a chain break or jump of it can block the wheel, this could be dangerous… the new Chaindrives which listed in the shops is with ISO-06 Chains which are not prone to break… big bad stuff (-:

Direct Drive only downside IMO is the noise, its louder then Belts for sure. Some people think it sounds like a Jedi Fighter (-: other say its a bit annoying… for me offroad it was never a issue… for street i would prefer something more stealthy… in generell you get with the Direct Drive a heavy duty super drivetrain, sealed, compact and strong as hell… even with 80mm Motors and sick ESC Settings i was not able to kill the gears… no WAY … i would except thousends of kilometers

Two Direct Drives actually :
Regular has 1:5 Gearing, massive POM Housings, could be used also with 80mm Motors with adapters, 8Inch compatible, for pure MTB fun i prefer this.

Mini Direct Drive is 1:4 Gearing, lighter POM Housing… could be used with up to 6384 motors, compatible from 5Inch (Trampa Gummies) up to 8Inch… best drive for a Hybrid build
One for all IMO …

If you want a pure street machine i prefer the Street Carver with my Belt Drive on 107mm Abecs…
Hybrid Build i would choose the Mini Drive
Full Zombie Apocalypse Mode is with the Direct Drive on 8Inch

Up to You :sunglasses:

Most people uses white lithium grease
Also Chain Lube Stuff from Bikes is fine
I actually use “archoil ar8300” … expensice high performance stuff, dont know if it worth but Archie a rider from NY swears on it :

Have a great Day

Motormounts for Trampa MTB, E-Toxx Dual Direct Drive

Thanks for that. I’ll check that stuff out, I was thinking of uses a motor oil because it’s pretty thin and can spread across the gears easily. It may even help with noise. Any thoughts on that?


Good discussion about lube, I’m also curious what’s best. Maybe an oil-based lube (which doesn’t harm rubber/plastic) stays longer on the gears than a thicker grease but maybe the grease kills more noise and is better against wear than oil because of more material. But I have no idea :laughing:

If my name was Archie I would love Archoil, too :joy:
Maybe you could sell “Jensoil” as optional product in you shop :wink:


Thanks for the awesome response. Decision time…


Now I feel like I should conduct a test. I was thinking motor oil because it’s thin, you wouldn’t need a lot of it in the gear box, maybe half a cup or less. The oil will be whisked around in the gearbox when the wheels spin which would cost every surface, protecting and suppressing sound (I think) and motor oil would add almost no drag since no it’s so much thinner than grease.

@Nowind would motor oil drop out of a direct drive or is it pretty well sealed given that it is installed properly?


motor oil is too thin, soon as you hit high rpm it will be on the case. also it may contain stuff that will degrade the pom.


Yea but it’s thin enough that it will pool to the bottom from gravity and the main gear will pick it right back up.

I think this whisking action is exactly what this direct drive needs.


Would need a gasket in the case to try. I’d do some research on what POM is compatible with. Lithium grease or wax is ok from memory, but some oils with cause the POM to break down.


My research is telling me that POM is pretty great against chemical damage.

Motor oil should be okay. I wish I had a piece of Pom other than my gears to test with


I got a customer who adds a gasket and startet to use some thin oil stuff…
But dont know how it turns out in the long term

Without a gasket it will run trogh the gearbox,

I would stay with some thicker grease


Do you/will you sell replacement gears for the direct drive and what would a set cost?

Contemplating if it’s worth it to go direct drive in the future. By estimation, I would get 5 months worth of riding out of it based on the 2000 km mentioned on your website.