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Drang Boards deck building services, design, cnc etc


Just out of curiousity (at least for the time being), could you do a hollow deck so batteries could be stored on the inside like this?

Also, could you maybe use a CNC to remove 1/4in of wood from the back of the deck so an enclosure wouldn’t need to be as large for more clearance?


Absolutely. Just hit us up via email. Jared@dranglongboards.com


Email sent. Curious about prices.


@drangboards sent you a PM


I really am stoked to be part of this community! I hope to find people in salt lake city Utah to skate with. I recently started a facebook group called Utah Electric Skateboarders. https://www.facebook.com/groups/258160471558594/

It would be cool to get some group skates together, and even group build efforts.

I still have it on my list to get a bunch more pics up here of our shop, and builds, and processes, ect. Really think Drang should get way into esk8.


@drangboards I think you will find a lot of people to skate with. You guys should definitely go to the esk8 renegade weekend next year.


Can you make an Instagram for the club? I love being able to slack off in class and browse eSk8 pics on Instagram :slight_smile:


+1 for the IG


I have this CAD re-built deck I’ve been working on. I was going to try to press the board home-diy and CNC hog out a battery recess in it over the next few months. It’s based off a 3D scan of the Rayne 34" Darkside V2. I was just going to do a one off build over the next year for myself - Not sure how this would all work if it were basically copying Rayne’s board for another business. If there’s no such thing as a longboard patent then I’d be happy to share the STP file for it.

It currently has enough to fit a 12s3p pack (with some funny wiring), a DieBieMS, and a Focbox Unity. The dropped center in the deck might present some motor mount interference issues though… tbd on that one.


That is really cool that you’ve done that. It looks like an very solid design, with all aspects considered. I’d like to say that we’d be down to do that, but by principle I won’t duplicate any concave. If you ask my opinion on that concave specifically I’d have changes I’d make as well, so that’s another strong reason too as to why no copies will be built. Here is a mold I’d really love to make into an eskate. It is a longer board slightly, but the mold is much less aggressive specifically in concave angle. When decks start to get extra risers, and taller wheels, the concave angle must be lowered. I’m sure that Rayne deck would work great for an eboard, but I’d just rock slightly lower angle of concave. I might be speaking out my ass on the concave angle of that deck because the only one I’ve ever stood on was maybe the 2014 model or earlier. Rocker however is something that will really weaken the board when routing out for batteries. This one is a no rocker board with .375" drops, Wheel base is 25-27. Flush mounts are used to get a wider riding stance which is really nice for E boards as the forward and aft acceleration is much greater than with non powered boards.

There are so many other shapes we can use with any deck. CNC fixtures allow for any shape to be cut out of any mold.


37 or 37 or 38 haha i can’t remember. I’ll check today. We have too many models to keep lengths in my brain sometimes. Let’s consider dialogue open and discuss it from a 360 degree view

SI love the idea of treating this app like my own twitter. There are a million thoughts running through my head. I want to know when skateboards over 35mph will be I want to find designers more than I want sales however that isn’t true. If you want a board please come and experience custom board building. Are there any current dialogues in all the crazy new innovations actually here and now stuff? So many of you I know.

Wanting to make something very new In as many ways as possible through collaboration with individuals of all ranges of the make.


Instagram @drangmfglab


The rayne dark side is a wicked analog deck, but I wouldn’t power it. The bromance would be better. More mellow concave. This one @drangboards is displaying looks about perfect.


Oh hey! @drangboards is here now!

I used to run the @PredatorBoards handle, but left a while back due to timing conflicts and general business with university work. Regrettably I wished I was able to push forward for those custom decks before my schedule got completely shafted. Is the Batray still on the table for a potential production run?

Also, for anybody who PMed the Predator boards account, sorry for not getting back to you. I’ve been asked to relieve the handle to the new owners.


Are you Q?

I think I might need to renew it, or check the license to see if Mr Nelson included this amount of time still, or more appropriately how much he wrote it for.

I think I only have the Batray mold file, but I might have more. I am very interested in producing our version of it. One thing I might be able to say specially over the winter which will help make the boards reasonably quick time in the press is to use the Nelson mold which has extra geometry in it in my opinion. Might be able to pull boards out of the press at 2 hours and have them come out somewhat regularly. as long as the same person laminates all of them and that would be Jordan, who has laminated decks for us for 6 years. He’s glued by far more boards than all of us, and even though we’re good, he’s really good, and we have a very low rate of breakage as long as geometry doesn’t conflict with deep flush mounts, and wheel wells. We also have a low rate of delamination. The same dialog must be had with the interplay between wood and composite materials to press time to resulting geometry. I might want to keep all the geometry, as I’ve never stood on a batray but I imagine esk8s want to be wider the wider the axle gets, and that means lower angle molds.

I really love getting PMs, but I would appreciate all dialog to happen on this page, so that these questions can be answered to more people might be seeking these answers, both for people who want to build boards them selves, and people who want to sell them, and we can all together gauge this as a reasonable possibility for a sustainable business being added to the mix.

The most passionate of my wishes while I’m not working on other things is the idea of making an e board that is has a list of cool new ideas.


I for one would like to see new paths taken in place of rehashing old designs that did not succeed in the open marketplace. It is important and wise to build on what has been done before but this is the eSk8 builders forum, let’s do better, cutting edge things in place of going backwards


Maybe Nelson has already sold their old presses, but he offered them to me for a good price, last year. If he still has them then we could use them and make molds on the CNC, but we’d love to be able to get the presses if they are still available. We do have presses, but our female only molds might not even do the exact geometry if the deck is 9 plies thick. If it was thinner with composites used, then we could probably get our presses to make the geometry cleanly, between the drop and the wrinkles in the concave ect.


I’ve spent 8 years going backwards in a well enough funded environment in order to build our capability as a shop. We’re still not in the $15 skate deck industry, and we’re not in the $30 board industry truly. Longboards are always more, and we can go down as qty goes up. As that happens other things become the issue than with building fewer boards. Our business would do great selling one offs, and small groups. Pressing some decks takes us 5 or 8 hours of press time depending on the lamination. If we can get our glue spreader running we could run some real decks but we have to believe that lamination might not be as strong, but we need to ponder the differences between normal skate decks for tricks and aerial maneuvers and making strong decks with varying flex using varying materials. Thickness plays the biggest roll in stiffness yadda yadda.

If you’re still reading, do you have designs concepts or ideas you want to see in powered skateboarding before fate has already set it in it’s place?


I think a wooden trampa style board would be a step in the forward direction maybe with a carbon fiber bottom


As you know Jared, I am not a deck guy and I know what you are up against. In my mind, price is far less important than feel, functionality and quality and you do get what you pay for. I do not think I have a non powered deck in my quiver that costs less than $100.00. That being said, a purpose built line of eSk8 decks would be worth far more than that due to the additional engineering and functionality. Even at $200.00, a perfect deck for a build with other top quality components that approach $2000.00 or more, the deck only represents 10% of the total cost but represents far more because it is THE MAIN USER INTERFACE

Thoughts on design: eSk8 represents a different discipline where the riding techniques are still morphing at a fast rate. Tucking and cornering under powered acceleration and deceleration warrant different deck designs than boards driven solely by gravity. I am not claiming to know what those design elements are but it is time to find out. Some mistakes need to be made to make progress…