Buy FOCBOX Unity

Drang Boards deck building services, design, cnc etc


Not sure on SR model as no preview on phone


That’s cool, but it would be the other trucks we’re going for on this one. I’d love to get the 3d model of the adjustable angle TKP truck.


Hoping to order soon.
But im a little spread out atm financially.
Things are looking up tho.


Sorry all I have


Meant to post this here… Originally posted it in the Drang thread by mistake.
I routed and sanded the rails of the board to make em nice n round. Gonna have to stretch the nose of the board just a bit to cover up the trucks.


Just started a new thread to sell the remainder of the PNL 23° baseplates. Fewer than 10 are left. HMU


Couldn’t access the thread. :man_shrugging:t3:


Thank you. Edited the post.


I was stoked about this @beggarssupplyco /Drang prototype which I am cutting tonight. This one would only make a good eskate if we were able to put a flexy battery pack on the bottom to follow along the rocker.


Does it need to flex or just fit the curve of the deck?


Yeah just follow the curve of the deck. No one has a rockered eskate yet huh?


A few guys do.
I’ve seen a few moonshine builds and a couple Rayne decks.


Oh yeah I’ve seen home built ones. Do people do dedicated esk8 decks with rocker?


Moonshine owner incoming

*dude… take forever


Well I think this moonshine outlaw clears for a heavy rocker build I’d say and I used a tupperwear for the enclosure with torque board 12s2p in it with a duel FOCBOX enclosure


Love that deck @Frenchy


I love these boards…and here is the mini rocker sidkick



LMAO my computer ways suck


9b427d4a9f5f89435824fa7ce6350fe45b4ae4bf_1_690x343 edit wrong one lol
I’d like to know about this one more then anything tho @drangboards as I was gonna petchase a spirit but if you was to make this with a routed out cavity for battery I’d buy one from you so I don’t have to route it myself I don’t need it crazy thick either as I’m only 140 150 when fatt lol so I’d love to see this in a custom as I was trying for subsonic to do a custom for me let me know if your interested