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DIY Wheel Casting


Finished set:

The upper side is a bit ugly but you can file it easily for a nicer shape. The wobble is totally gone as far as i can tell already :slight_smile:


Man this great
Love this work you been doing.
Thanks for sharing :star_struck:


Those are awesome.


Thanks for the nice feedback :slight_smile: I already told my girl about this since she was always like: Why don’t you just buy this? She couldn’t believe that you can’t buy these :slight_smile:


That’s freakin awesome


We do sell smaller quart kits but shipping to Germany is expensive. Just for reference, Hummie used F-190 and M-3190 for wheels. F is faster gel time, M is a Medium gel time. If you aren’t in a hurry, M-3190 is safer for newbies. With any urethane, it’s best to give them some heat after demolding for the best durability and abrasion resistance. He used a 90A because after they heat up on hub motors they soften up. But 80A is fine too, especially if you are making thicker wheels.


Yup, will work perfect for you.


This is not the right material. See post below…


Silicone mold taken off a high resolution 3D print, then 2-part 90A urethane cast into mold.



Wow, thanks for the insight :slight_smile:


It warms my coils when vendors get involved in the fine details