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Discussion about DIY vendors, delivery delays, communication, and transparency


That’s fine … I think you are completely entitled to do so… after all you have options to select your customers… the same way we can select the vendors… fair game


Nah, dude… I have been here for a while… even had different account… but Damon talked about me… didn’t mentioned my name… that’s when I entered the talk, in fact… i was told I’m being mentioned. it’s ok… I can take harsh if supported…though I still think you guys don’t really get what we are trying to tell you and that’s too bad… because we mean your well being…


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Carvon and EXO Boards. They won't deliver. Have I been scammed?

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I’m still waiting for the next person to call their new esk8 company SEXY BOARDS. lol


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@Michaelinvegas A lot of fiber here :smile:

Please close this thread but do not delete it.
Some valid points all around.

My 2Cents:

This is an infant movement that can’t be call an industry yet and all this type of issues will happen in the development of a new sector.

Something to have in mind, the auto industry is over 100 years old and the auto repair sector alone is a $ 63 BILLIONS a year dollars industry, even on a mature industry things will fail.

As builders we are in a partnership with the buyers, most of the complete boards are just price $200 to $400 over the cost of the parts, we are trying to innovate but will only happen if is together.

In short for cool ass boards we all need to carry the weight.

it is just my opinion.


I think the thread should remain open, it is good to talk about delays or when certain builders ghost their customers. It helps bring things into light and resolve the issues. Sure there has been some name calling here and there or excessive use of the ellipses … :wink: but the conversation has been civil and can continue to be constructive. If the thread is closed it will just get buried and the topic will move to a less constructive venue.


A valid point


So far among mods we’ve agreed to leave this open for discussion purposes, if/when that changes the thread will be closed


You are guilty on this one :joy:
Had to stop once the original design came in


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I heard a few times that Paypal only protects the buyer. Let this be proof, that they don’t let people charge back without a reason.




Hell yeah dude. F**k that guy


I emailed and messaged through paypal 3 times. I even posted up here on the forum. A little communication and I could have made whatever the problem was good. Instead I got ghosted in favor of trying to keep everything he purchased as well as getting a refund through paypal. Now he just gets a spot on the DNSTL.

I know I’m a dick, but at least I’m not a thief.


wish it was ok to have a wall of shame! :rofl::rofl: